interior moistureproof wall panels

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A basic insulation covering for arrangement between a subfloor and walkable floor coverings that can be laid thereover is described The arrangement comprising a plug in connector at at least two sides of the basic insulation covering elements for smooth and expansive connection of the basic insulation covering elements

RETRACTABLE COVER FOR OUTDOOR AREAS Filed April a, Sheets Sheet ATTORNEYS ,, RETRACTABLE COVER FOR represents a cover of moisture proof material which is positioned over the field and supported by carriers or trucks These trucks include wheels or rollers and of

Aug , Round columns for finishing the interior of a building in which fiber tube members are split and positioned to enclose structural supporting columns The fiber tube members The round interior column structure of claim , wherein said exterior surface comprises a moisture proof barrier The round interior

May , an angled interior wall connected to each top wall, wherein the angled interior walls extend towards each other to form a slot therebetween which The panel attachment system of the present invention provides a flat, strong, moisture proof joint between adjacent panels having an inverted seam rather

A method of thermally insulating pipe comprises rotating the pipe at a uniform speed about a substantially horizontal axis while applying a polyurethane foam mix to the surface of the pipe progressively along its length, simultaneously forming a metal tube of larger diameter than the pipe, the tube being progressively

Jun , The present invention relates to building exteriors, and interior wall and ceiling covering using curtain wall systems said systems having box top a built in gutter system for rain and condensate, a failsafe moisture proof system, a flexible framework enabling vertical and horizontal support structures to be

Turning now to the d ings, there is shown an integral double wall hopper which is formed by a rotational molding process that comprises an outer shell with a cylindrical upright wall which may include a front wall and a rear wall connected by a pair of side walls , , and a bottom panel connecting the

Therefore, a universal container seal is needed that can be utilized on different sized containers and further, that can be engaged with an interior surface of the in a convenient manner, such as by attaching the concave portion via a suctioning attachment to a vertically disposed panel of a cabinet wall, for example.

Not to provide for thermal expansivity throughout widespread temperature variation of from F to F for the temperate latitudes, for example, permits joints between adjacent panels to gradually open to the atmosphere allowing the entrance of the elements to efiect adversely the wall and interior conditions and to

Oct , The upper section may include printing or indicia on the outside surface It may be coated with an interior wax layer to facilitate freshness and maintaining ingredients in the container FIG depicts yet another embodiment wherein a lower cup shaped base includes a panel with adhesive strips or

The interior of the particles consists of a multitude of extremely fine closed cells Thus, it has been possible, in accordance with this invention, to pour walls of as high as twenty feet with a mixture made in accordance with this invention and have the concrete cure without the The slab made an excellent ceiling panel.

Floor covering, made of floor elements, which, at least at two opposite sides, comprise a male and a female coupling part, which allow that two of such floor elements can be interconnected at the respective sides at the respective sides by pushing one of these floor elements with the associated male coupling part, by means

The current invention relates to packages for photonic devices, optical devices, micro mechanical devices, micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) devices or It will be appreciated, however, that in some embodiments the sheet seal ring area can be located in the interior portion of a sheet, for example where the

The container apparatus includes a bag having a front and back panel, a first and second gusseted side panel and an interior region view of the container apparatus, after cooking of the food has been completed, showing in particular, the expanded gusseted side walls, as well as the substantially sealed bottom region .

Oct , a latch housing having a front panel, an edge that forms a perimeter of a centrally located opening in the front panel, walls turned inwardly from the edge, and a back panel having an exterior side and an interior side, the walls terminating at the exterior side of the back panel, the walls and back panel

Fastener components, and method of making fastener components for securing loop carrying members are disclosed The fastener component includes a tubular structure, and a plurality of discrete projections extending from a surface of the tubular structure Each projection includes a molded stem of resin integral with the

Jun , A gable top carton as set forth in claim in which at least the interior of the carton is coated with a thermoplastic A shelf stable gable top carton comprising an internal thermoplastic coating, sealing flaps comprising two opposed side panels terminating in upper side flaps and two opposed end panels

Especially in the transition from the dry interior area (dry space) of the vehicle into the wet space, the electrical systems must be designed moisture proof be relatively soft and thus large wall thicknesses of the structures of the protective housing produced in the same process as the foam encapsulation become necessary.

Feb , The base support and door of the bulkhead door assembly incorporate an insulative layer sandwiched between a pair of molded fiberglass panels, which of a structure, said structure including a foundation with an outwardly extending jog and a first support wall, said bulkhead door assembly comprising .

Mar , Whenever possible, do not face the walls of your home gym with plastic panels or ceramic tiles these materials are moisture proof Ideally, the walls should be finished with breathing corkwood, common cellulose wallpaper or traditional plaster And if your home gym goes through the stage of planning,

Oct , an air permeable floor extending between the side walls and beneath the interior spray area of booth air cleaning To permit the interior of the booth to be illuminated by exterior light sources, transparent window panels are provided in the side walls and roof assembly In a typical spray

Oct , c z MONROE ETAL ROTARY STAPLER AND SEALER MECHANISM FOR CARTON MACHINE Sheets Sheet r llll vvv v I M an R mum The latter in the present instance happens to be a double row thrust bearing and is seated between fixed abutments on the pivot shaft and on the interior wall of