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Nov , Wood samples by Uli Kaufmann Uli Kaufmann These figurines have been the objects of great fascination for the past century So how are they made They begin their life as lumber Here, we process logs that have been trimmed into boards We purchase them from suppliers and have to wait a good two

Dec , The rooms are flooded with light The architects and their clients deliberately chose simple materials and invested in a wood floor Scandinavian Deck by Nadja Endler Photography Nadja Endler Photography The house is built of rough sawn Swedish lumber We wanted to keep it rough sawn so it

Jun , The height and massing of the home and its roof deck are uncommon for a Wright Prairie style home, which usually emphasizes the horizontal over One example is this front hallway flooring Ted searched until he found the same species of oak in narrow pieces at an obscure lumber supplier in Michigan.

Sep , In week of our debate series, designers go head to head over how classic wood ceilings should be handled in modern times It is essentially a rough framing material and tends to exhibit a fair amount of wear from years of service as both ceiling and roofing substrate. Midcentury Kitchen by Jackson

Nov , Materials and Tools Wood (carpentry pine suggested, but you can use reclaimed wood as well) Sandpaper Brush (optional) Wood stain (we used Varathane in Kona color) Paintbrush Rag or cloth Staghorn fern Scissors Pencil Small nails Hammer Sphagnum moss (wet) Craft string Hanging kit

Oct , Because the dining room is part of a long continuous space with the living room, Crestin treated the two as one big room when choosing color and material palettes This room brings in elements both homeowners wanted, like the barn door, built of reclaimed lumber by Joyal An industrial chandelier lights

Aug , Materials, Finishes and Styles When we talk about slab front cabinets, there are several distinct differences Choices for material include plywood, MDF, particleboard and solid wood, and these can be coupled with a variety of finishes such as paint, lacquer, stain, wax, laminate and veneer, or even a

May , Whether you are painstakingly bringing an old farmhouse back to life or simply love that classic farmhouse look, these ideas and inspirations are here to help And although you will find a plethora of great product picks here, from paint colors and lighting to floors and more, it helps to remember that the

Jul , Another design trick is in the material mix Here, there is an ipe wood deck surrounded by light colored tile It s funny how using just one material in a small space makes it seem even smaller, McCrea says Breaking up the space with different materials gives it movement and makes it feel bigger.

Apr , Green building codes set minimum standards for water consumption, air quality, toxicity of materials, building efficiency, general waste reduction and stormwater management related to your project Here in highly populated California, residents face droughts, smog, flooding and water pollution issues.

Breezy light wood looks fresh when mixed with gray, while clean lines enhance a pared down atmosphere Include soft textiles like rugs and Scandinavian Armchairs And Accent Chairs by We Do Wood View Houzz Denmark Midcentury Florence Sectional, Graphite Houndstooth, Material Twill, Left , ,.

Jun , The cost of building supplies can range from to for new lumber, or much less if you can reuse older redwood or cedar boards Pros You can get the design and size that is best suited for your space Cons New premium lumber can be pricey If you re planning to build a potting station yourself

Apr , The bed and breakfast has four residences the Carriage House, shown here, with its stained concrete floors and stone pool deck the Main House bedroom the Garden Cottage and the Vicky House Park Lane The ecofriendly materials aren t the only thing that makes this hotel green Each morning an

Aug , The kind of sealer used The type of wood and the quality of construction Wood is such a beautiful material and adds such visual warmth If you are longing to incorporate wood into your kitchen or bath, but fears about care and maintenance are keeping you from it, there just may be a solution for you in

Aug , Nails have been around forever, but it s only over the past century or so that the mass produced nail has become an inexpensive and common way to join materials It s a simple concept wedge a sharp piece of metal into wood The nail holds tight as the wood fibers expand back Here s how to size up a

Jun , If you want to fasten a inch thick piece of wood to a ? inch thick piece, you ll need a screw that s at least ? inches long (long enough to go through the inch piece and be embedded ? inch into the other piece) Use a screw longer than inches, though, and it may go right through both materials.

Jan , You can set up a little jig or stop with a piece of lumber for straight or long cuts You can Ever get an old piece of furniture that s missing a bit of molding or a corner, or that has a crack that s a little too much for your wood filler to handle I love J B Contemporary Power Tools by Endless Supplies .Us.

Mar , See how an age old tool can help you find the right paint.