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Apr , A folding rigid inflatable boat for routine and emergency use by occupants as an auxiliary watercraft The floating rigid inflatable boat includes a hull having complementary rigid bow and rigid stern sections joined together along common, centrally disposed joint edges, a hinge element extending laterally

Jun , Sea kayak sub types include open deck sit on top kayaks, recreational kayaks, and collapsible skin on frame boats Whitewater with whitewater boats Modern kayaks are typically constructed from rotomolded plastic, wood, fabrics over wooden or aluminum frames, fiberglass, Kevlar, or carbon fiber.

Aug , A watertight PVC skin keeps you dry, and an ingenious aluminum frame gives the boat structure and rigidity Disassembled, it fits in a large ish backpack (sold separately) and the whole endeavor requires a rubber mallet and about to minutes to assemble and disassemble Ally Foldable Canoe

Feb , ,, (describing a skimmer boat with a height adjustable conveyor component) U.S Pat No ,, (describing a skimmer vessel with a conveyor with one eight inch spaced plastic coated wires adapted to collecting cigarette butts, among other debris common in waterways) and U.S Pat No.

Aug , An environmental protection overall plastic agricultural boat has a hull which is made of linear low density modified polyethylene and formed integrally by spinning molding technique The hull is provided with a plurality of partition boards, a stern is provided with a poop deck, and the tail end of the poop

Jan , The composite material of claim , wherein the honeycomb structure is formed from at least one carbon nanotube sheet and at least one sheet of least in part, from CNT sheets also can be used as a core structure in other transportation fields such as boat, yacht, van, marine, automotive, truck, and rail.

Oct , Micah and Adam were finishing up making the PVC stand pipes that would allow the bilge pump and fuel hoses to pass through the decks The boats came with one in each corner and at some point one had been added in one corner of Pec, but the new plan for twin bilge pumps and improved fuel hose

Dec , An exemplary retractable awning and method are provided for mounting to virtually any structure, such as a house trailer, recreational vehicle, house, patio, deck, and the like, to provide shade and protection from the elements The retractable awing includes a roller tube assembly, a covering, and support

Apr , Dzhokar was found wounded inside a boat in the backyard of a house and captured after a gun battle I was relieved that he is alive, Tsarni said At least he has a chance to ask for forgiveness for those that he victimized, as well as there is a chance now for enforcement agencies to get to the bottom of it.

Jul , HAVE YOUR PLASTIC STRINGERS CRACKED YET that they ran for a few years decking Malibu I m not sure of Ski Nautique did it in Mastercraft introduced it s open bow model tournament certified ski boat in The others I m spongy floor, but I believe they went to all fiberglass in the early

Furthermore, where a boat is constructed from wood or fiberglass, virtually all of the wave slap energy or wave impact energy from the bottom of the boat is translated through to the deck where the driver and or passengers are positioned Thus, hardly any, if any, of the energy from the waves is absorbed by the fiberglass.

Apr , The plastic shell foam composite from which the housing and base member are constructed is extremely rigid and can withstand a substantial blow without damage In marine applications (e.g on the foredeck of a small boat), the self bailing feature of the speaker system is particularly important.

During the inflation of the bow chamber the little red, plastic stem inside the Halkey Roberts valve broke off I did not use the dinghy until the fall of , when I took a mooring in Annapolis, MD while working for the U.S Boat Shows (separate sail and power boat shows) I normally store my AB RIB on deck, deflated.