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Feb , Here are cool DIY projects to make cool covers and hide these ugly vents and keep your decor clean mind, when you see a vent cover, which isn t pretty or doesn t match your space style this air return cover was made of a decorative metal radiator screen, read the full tutorial to find out how to make one.

Sep , In the spirit of the upcoming political debates, we kick off a series of conversations on hotly contested design topics While he mentions various ugly contraptions designed to lower the screen, the truth is that the whole idea just forces the TV into a location that is suboptimal in every possible way.

Aug , The top, horizontal × needed to be exactly level for this whole thing to look right, so I held off adding the soil (which is heavy and anchors the whole thing) until this part was perfect This project combines a large, raised garden bed with a privacy wall to create a I wanted the whole thing to look

Apr , Unless you built from the ground up or lucked way out, chances are there s something about your home you hate (or at the very least don t like the look of) But surrounded by things you love like an art gallery wall or a collection of items on display so that the ugly item becomes more beautiful by

May , So, are you ready to see how it looks today Let s start with the wall that is immediately to the left as you walk out of the back door Screen porch decor I posted on Two coats of ASCP in Duck Egg took care of faded and grody, old, ugly cushions Waterproof Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas!!

Ishant Krishna @i_ishantkrishna I am confused about the concept of ideas Please elaborate more on the basics of producing more productive ideas ANSWER I want you to be an idea machine For the past years all I ve done is come up with ideas Most of them bad, horrible Ugly, stupid I got thrown out of graduate

Oct , And Rinspeed seems to have figured that out The windshield as big augmented reality screen is typical show car techno goofiness, but who knows Autonomous cars will be the first actual robots that will be deployed into society in any real quantity, and the idea that they ll be useful for just one thing is

Nov , The very best creative Christmas ideas for home decor, outdoor decorating, free holiday printables, DIY ornaments, and more We started out the week with new tutorials in our Creative Christmas challenge close x MY LATEST VIDEOS Scrap Wood Inlay Ornaments The Ugly Duckling House

Mar , Most of my habits and shortcuts are made with the idea of getting the job done without having to do a massive cleanup afterward So I ll high quality sandwich bags (I find that the regular molded plastic closure works better than the slider zipper kind for keeping brushes from drying out) plastic wrap tape

Jul , I have no idea what happened back in that brought in the aqua countertops, but I have a feeling my Dad found them on sale somewhere That has to be I remember the bathroom in our first house white carpeting, ugly wooden cabinets, pink and gold marbled Masonite walls, and pink tile Oh, my

Apr , I cooked up this idea last year as I was reclining in my chair and staring at the ugly backside of my house I wanted to be able to plant wall sliding screen sliding plant wall gif I cut out the pockets making sure to add an inch on all sides since I would be folding them over and sewing After folding over

Feb , As in, less than a half hour for the entire bottom half of the kitchen walls (from the bottom of the upper cabinets to the floor) The suction of the vac helped the sanding screen snugly slide along the wall (I highly recommend sanding screens even if you don t use a sander like this one they knock down any

Jul , Popcorn ceilings, bad linoleum, oatmeal carpet, beige walls, and the worst thingvertical blinds on every window Hour Apartment Makeover Hour In a perfect world I d repaint, rip out the carpet, and throw those stupid blinds into the ocean But in the real world The paint and carpet cant be

Mar , Instead, think of this as me pointing out the pain points involving TouchWiz, design ideas that Samsung continues to stick to, etc many of which I can live with but that need a good scolding That make I try not to be the most anal of all, but I do like to keep a clean home screen and folder setup Samsung

Feb , This sounds ugly at first An ad on a wall in your house Maybe in a frame like a picture Or a mirror But here s the deal I get the price of my house reduced if I agree to allow advertising all over the house Like if I m sitting in the bathroom and I see daily deals projected onto the shower curtain The ad

Aug , See the Things You ll Need to Float Your TV Away From the Wall What if you could just get away from the wall and place your TV out in the middle of the room Well you can! with a remote The IR repeater is very tiny so you can mount a few of them under the TV screen to run multiple components.

Nov , We used a pry bar and hammer to loosen the soffit further from the wall Eventually the soffit gives up and let s go of its grip on the wall It s a good idea to have your helper nearby to catch the soffit (or you! Careful you don t fall off the platform.) Save Once the exhaust pipe was exposed, I pulled it out easily

Aug , There s also a new explainer screen that pops up the first time you toggle Wi Fi or Bluetooth off It covers the new behavior which you can four finger pinch or swipe to change apps, or hit the Home button and pick another app, or use the split view app switcher, or you get the idea But there s more Tap

Jun , Do you have a flat screen TV with ugly brackets to mount it like this one In order to hang our LCD TVs or flat screens on the wall, we have to use large industrial brackets to secure them in place After the TV has been hung, most of the brackets are hidden, but from the side, sometimes the brackets peek out