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Feb , A set of resilient floorboards, each floorboard comprising resilient material and provided with a mechanical locking system for vertical and horizontal of expanded synthetic material provided with staggered longitudinal T shaped channels, receiving T shaped wooden posts useful for erecting walls.

The present invention relates to building construction, and more particularly, to a supporting and anchoring system for a thin material facing for a building The clearance space between the kerf and the disc in the upper edge of the slab is filled with a resilient material, such as a synthetic rubber base caulking compound,

Okt Cladding arrangement , especially for the design of facades of buildings, building side walls or building parts such as windows, doors or the like, of a wood composite material, a cellulose composite material, an artificial stone material and or a ceramic material, wherein the flat cladding element

Feb , Water damage to buildings which will use masonry cavity wall construction is prevented by placement of a masonry holding fluid conducting medium between The exterior wythe is preferably made of brick but may be made of other masonry materials including, without limitation, rock, artificial stone,

Aug , Saws for cutting stone and similar materials are known in the art Stone may be laid as a structural component or as an aesthetic cladding or veneer on houses, buildings, walls, flooring, etc There is a demand for corner pieces of facing stone that can be placed on the corner of a building such as a house.

Oct , A high impact, moisture resistant, wall panel system and methods for mounting a high impact, moisture resistant wall panel to an existing structure are disclosed herein A high impact, moisture a laminate composed of substantially rigid polymeric material, wherein the laminate provides a finished surface .

Jan , Stone, like travertine, marble and limestone, is making appearances on wall surfaces as seen above in interior designer Kelly Wearstler s beach house in the Regardless of the trend s origin, stone has been a preferred building material for ages, and, with advancements in quarrying technology and the

We often perform on site investigations to determine the cause(s) of various distresses and non performances of building materials, products, assemblies, of the International Building Code and ASTM International, an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a no load bearing, exterior wall cladding system that

Sep , [http (a subsidiary of Stone Truss Systems, Inc.) that offer thin sheets (of stone materials) at thickness in a range of inch to The larger area thin stone veneer panels are useful as building wall sheathing panels (cladding), in a variety of stone colors, and can be made

Jul , The wall system of the present invention, including the clips therefor, is useful in constructing so called thin stone or thin brick veneer walls Thin brick and thin stone differs from regular brick or stone cladding by virtue of the way in which the facing element is manufactured and by virtue of the size and

This invention relates to a synthetic marble product and more particularly to an improved method of forming a synthetic marble product by recrystallizing minute calcium carbonate particles Since ancient times, marble has been extensively used by man for building and ornamental purposes because of its great beauty, long

Jun , The cured in place solid surfaces can be used as veneer cladding for rigid substrates such as floor and wall tiles, kitchen and bath counter tops, sinks, The prepreg of claim being a cross linked CIPS prepreg wherein the polymerizable component A comprises a reactive material in amounts of about