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A thoughtful designer can remove walls and find spaces within a corridor, turning a hallway into a teaching area Standalone spaces that are not universally adaptable are avoided As a result, the ratio of space to walls and circulation is greatly reduced Good design of a modern campus should take a holistic approach,

Leading away from the walnut coloured kitchen, a set of walnut storage cabinets line the length of the entry hallway On the opposite side to the hall cupboards, walnut panelling clads the wall to mirror the tone A large piece of framed wall art works to break up the expanse of wood Along the far wall of the hallway

Aug , Also, in the interior we can find a series of American walnut cladding that cover some of the walls in the hall, bedrooms and exterior of the guest′s bathroom Finally, the rest of the walls are decorated with paintings, sculptures and installations I would like to emphasize that the house has an intelligent

Oct , Team chose to use renewable building materials such as wood and fiber cement cladding to create a sophisticated, but welcoming home For accessibility, the home is equipped with various universal design aspects such as zero step entrances, single floor living, wide hallways and doorways,

Nov , Cladding that was erected in the s was stripped back to reveal an original glass window that was previously blocked up The ground floor hall leads directly through to the cosmetics department via a sleek white marble hallway lined with art deco wall lights, and flows over into the Beauty Apothecary

Mar , Three of these spaces even pair wooden wall panels with wood flooring, not always an easy look to pull off, yet these interiors make it work beautifully thanks to their refined modern styles And if your interior already Interestingly, no exposed wooden features appear in the entry hallway But it does have

Oct , Glass walls surround the lab spaces within the Michelson Center, so that occupants can see what their coworkers are doing Miller, which is kind of a pop up office The freestanding, conical module, stationed in the hallways, includes a round table, marker boards, and seating for four or five people.

Dec , The design concept mimics the simplicity of basic building materials in the use of expanded metal sheets and Cembrit as cladding on certain walls The metal sheets are being used as semitransparent blinds on glass partitions, enhanced by back lighting from LED strips Large numbers and symbols,

Feb , The sculptural wood interior design folds and wraps itself along the walls of the building, in part as wall cladding, and in part as a functional element that becomes a kitchen element, a seating spot, a Skype box, a fixed table or a storage space A wooden box at the northern most part of the office is like a

Oct , They can be used as a finish material on walls, and as a cladding on furniture Hung over fireplaces Collect this idea Add interest to a long hallway If your home has a long hallway, it s a welcomed opportunity to place mirror vignettes, puzzle piece mirrors, or groups of hanging mirrors on the side walls.

Image Above Pip describes all the hard work that went into making their dream a reality, Chipping render, painting walls, sanding floors we did it all ourselves and we nearly killed ourselves in the process! Looking back, it was the greatest experience and I m so proud and can t believe what my husband and I (and a

Jan , Each of the square aluminium panels is folded on the diagonal to create the three dimension pattern across each of the building s four walls Ballet School by Hallways and staircases are positioned in the southern part of the building, freeing up the north side for spacious and naturally lit dance studios.

Feb , Our response was a cabin of clear and clean cut expression with a continuous skin of timber cladding on the exterior walls and roof, which will acquire a grey The cabin is entered beneath the cantilevered glazed volume into a hall with polished in situ concrete floor, functioning as an intermediate zone to

Nov , The distinctive point of the interior became the openwork furnishing of the fireplace, partially separating the hallway from the living room with an The wall cladding is a specially designed graphic printed on glass, and wall plaster imitating concrete tiles, which do not allow moisture inside, but allow the