popular fireproof function indoor wall cladding

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Jan , The first embodiment of the present invention uses opposed side panels that form a cavity therebetween into which concrete is poured and cured The second The concrete walls made using this technique can be stacked on top of each other many stories high to form all of a building s walls In addition to

Jun , Transparent glass walls, floors and furniture all feature inside this office block, created by Dutch firm MVRDV in a stripped out Hong Kong factory The aim is for the building to serve as a model for new business developments, proving that it is possible to transform an old structure into a functional and

Jul , The FR (variant) is fire resistant The PE is just plastic The PE version is used for small commercial buildings and petrol stations, he added, rather than tower blocks or hospitals Cladding is a material attached to a building s frame to create an outer wall (shown in this graphic) The process of applying the

Jul , The section of product is mounted to an exterior side of a plurality of framing members of an exterior wall of a building, so that the interior facing faces the framing Preferred embodiments of the Exterior Board System (EBS) perform the following functions in accordance with the general capabilities of a

Jul , A high rise building system using light gauge steel wall panels provides for a variety of panels of various vertical and lateral force resistance by a plurality of spaced vertical cold rolled light gauge sheet metal studs extending between top and bottom channels in which they are retained, at least one pair of

Jan , The outer tubing s internal diameter is preferably in the range to about mm, depending on the desired diameter of the GRIN fiber throughout the resulting GRIN fiber in this way, the glass transition temperature of the GRIN fiber material does not change substantially as a function of radius.

Jan , Window wall systems use panels which fit between concrete floor slaps, and hence, are prone to leakage and are not aesthetically appealing Curtain The unitized exterior cladding system of claim , further comprising interior extruded aluminum closure trim, field installed to cover up mullion anchors at

nov Each tab has a clip that projects from the tab The clips are folded in a plane of the tabs and take a projecting position above the tabs Independent claims are also included for the following () a ceiling comprising a frame and gypsum baseboard () a partition wall comprising a frame and gypsum

Jun , The present invention is directed to exterior wall cladding containing composite building materials and an interlocking mechanism essentially the same undesirable characteristics of the above composite disclosed by the patent, although it is more fire resistant and somewhat more stable to sunlight.

Sep , A structural assembly, e.g a curtain walled building, comprises load bearing floor slabs at successive levels and a framework of the curtain wall has vertical mullion members through which it is secured to the floor slabs at a spacing from the floor slabs Fire resistant panels are interposed in the gaps to

Aug , The smart glass technology allows manufacturing of up to feet x feet single smart glass panels, which means they can be used in offices too, where huge panels The Fusion is made with a stainless steel firebox covered with MDF timber that is coated with a fireproof two pack solvent borne top coat.

Jul , A new concept wall system is provided, wherein a moisture and vapor barrier is positioned in an enterior insulation finish system to provide thermal The placement of the membrane is a function of the climate the major consideration being that the dew point must occur where the resulting moisture

Jun , The thermally isolated vertical girders positionally maintain insulation adjacent the structure and provide a means for mounting exterior wall cladding to defining plural spacedly arrayed cutouts, each cutout having a hanging flange proximate the top edge and angled downwardly and outwardly towards

Aug , Such curtain wall panels are commonly made of glass which tends to fracture during a hot fire A curtain wall construction having a means for firestopping thereover as defined in claim for use with building interior floors having an outer floor edge positioned spatially disposed from said curtain wall

Oct , An article of flexible furniture having a core formed from a plurality of laminar panels of a flaccid material and each panel having a pair of oppositely directed major The grid also allows partitions to be stacked on top of one another and connected in seriatim to a taller partition to form a continuous wall.

Feb , ) how to install windows and doors given the corrugated wall panels and ) what kind of and how to reinforce containers for both cutting out large wall I am intrigued in the design and functional possibilities for interesting and useful spaces, both indoor and outdoor, created by a cantilevered design.

Wall framing in house construction includes the vertical and horizontal members of exterior walls and interior partitions, both of bearing walls and non bearing walls Whereas workers can readily reach the top of the walls being erected with platform framing, balloon construction requires scaffolding to reach the tops of the

May , The nine story structure represents the first fully functional, public building made of Polli Brick, a building material made from recycled Polyethylene Despite weighing less than a conventional building, the EcoArk Pavilion is fire resistant and strong enough to withstand high winds Originally

Dec , A fire resistant membrane comprising a plurality of regularly spaced elongated parallel sheet metal framing elements, a first layer of fire rated wallboard attached directly to the Mechanical shafts, chases, and stairwells are examples of interior building areas requiring fire rated wall or ceiling membranes.

Download a PDF of Fire and Smoke Resistant Interior Materials for Commercial Transport Aircraft by the National Research Council for free promise for producing predictive modeling capability, new advanced materials, and the required product development to achieve totally fire resistant interiors in future aircrafts.

Sep , Thermal break bracket as in claim , characterized in that it comprises at least a fireproof element disposed positioned at least above one wall The present invention concerns a thermal break bracket for a support frame of covering elements of the modular type, such as bricks, panels, plates, tiles

Jan , A wall panel having an exterior side and an interior side for use in sheathing the framework of a building, comprising a rectangular frame having an means to secure said upper member to said frame means to secure said lower member to the top sides of panel segments and means to secure said lower

Sep , In a modular synthetic plastic concrete form structure for forming a concrete wall having a curved corner the improvement of the structure including a pair of modular concrete impervious foamed forming panels each comprised of a series of modular foamed concrete forming sections stacked on top on one

Dec , The invention is a boltless metal stair step system that provides a simple way to install an indoor outdoor metal staircase The boltless metal stair step system of claim , wherein said steps can be constructed to accommodate cladding with masonry or wood, or to have anti slip step properties, by varying