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Jan , A temporary glazing panel retainer is disclosed for use in a glazed panel wall construction The glazing panel retainer engages a glazing clip mounted onto the face of a frame member to maintain glazing panels within their respective glazing recesses on either Original Assignee, Kawneer Company, Inc.

Oct , CDC (Curtain Wall Design and Consulting) is an independent firm providing a wide range of building envelope design, engineering, and consulting services such as wind load or moving live loads that meets or exceeds the performance of curtain wall systems offered by other leading U.S manufacturers.

Nov , An integral drip system for thermally isolated straight in glazed curtain wall or window wall which will restrict water penetration into a building The drip system includes at least one flange included for easy glazing replacement This drip system reduces the number of parts required to assemble curtain wall

Oct , Facades involves window wall, cladding elements and curtain walls which generates the exterior envelope of the building The curtain wall of a facade Here bringing a completely impermeable sealed curtain panel system is not possible Curtain wall systems are factory pre casted systems They are