composite co extrusion floor material

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A profile die may be utilized during extrusion to shape the cellulosic reinforced plastic composite material as desired A packer die may be used to further compress the cellulosic reinforced plastic composite and improve the bonding of the individual material components Compression molding of the cellulosic reinforced

Jan , The manufacturing method continues with step in which the first material and the second material are co extruded to form the high adhesion composite film including the thermoplastic elastomer layer and the modified adhesive layer [] In the present disclosure, the high adhesion composite

Sep , A multilayer parison extrusion molding machine for blow molding which is characterized in that a main extruder and one or more sub extruders are radially In view of the above, when the plastic bottles are made double layer structure or triple layer structure and most suitable materials are selected for the

EF Borders Finishing strips, e.g beadings Light coves specially designed for securing panels or masking the edges of wall or floor covering elements used More particularly, the invention relates to improved composite materials and a co extrusion process that produces structural members that can be readily

An aircraft floor system includes a composite panel which generally includes an inboard layer, an inboard interlock layer, a core layer, an outboard interlock layer and The aircraft floor system provides weight reduction minimization of adhesive material reduced potting compound usage single co bonding manufacturing

Jun , co extrusion extrusion compression moulding, in which a mould is placed into a hydraulic arm press and heated up to a temperature lower than C for a time Use the polymer cork composite of claims to , characterized by being intended for ceilings floors, footers, doors, and partitions insulation

An extrusion process is described for the extrusion of a synthetic wood material CPG International LLC Original Assignee Crane Plastics Co LLC Priority date The present invention is directed toward synthetic wood extrusions of the type in which synthetic wood material composites are extruded through at least one

USA Armstrong World Industries, Inc Halogen free floor covering USA Crane Plastics Company Fluoropolymer acrylic plastic composite and coextrusion method USA Clemson University Pre treated cellulosic materials

Mar , A composite of a lignocellulosic material and a plastic is obtained by grafting an organosilane to the plastic, to obtain a grafted plastic and The HDPE ( w w), wood flour ( w w) and silane ( w w) were added to a co rotating twin screw extruder to produce the composite granulates In a second

The use of a coextrusion process to produce a film base which is then coated with magnetizable particles to form a magnetic recording medium is described in comprising (a) supplying composite material to an inlet of a blown film die the composite material comprising polymer with selected particulate present in only a

Another embodiment of the invention is directed to manufacturing sheet material in which a patterning template, having a number of openings, is fed through an extrusion device in which extrusion material is forced into the openings in the patterning template, thereby producing a composite sheet material that includes a

Such floor coverings, as described in that article, are composite materials which comprise a transparent or translucent wear (upper) layer, a decorative layer such In a further alternative embodiment of the method of the invention, a co extruded film consisting of a polymer composition layer and an adhesive layer is used.

The structure contains both axially elastomeric strands and relatively inelastic strands co extruded in various patterns The structure has a high degree of both Yet another object of the invention is to form a planar, structure of strands with improved support of the carpet sport floor floor material Yet another object of the

Jul , Corrosion has always been a problem for metal pipe, especially those buried underground or driven into the sea floor for use as pilings However, known plastic metal composite pipe is formed of recycled material extruded over pipe of undetermined structural quality, which results in an composite pipe of

In accordance with the invention, the wood composite material is formed of adhesive laminate waste comprising adhesive material, glue and release material and Wood plastic composites made by the extrusion method are manufactured by adding a wood based constituent and different processing auxiliaries as fillers to

In one particularly advantageous method of manufacturing composite tubes of two different plastic materials, three feed devices, such as for instance extruders, are arranged on one and the same extruder head, each of said devices feeding the so constituent material of one layer The relative position of the devices along

The metal decking units must function, during the life ofthe building, in a composite relationship with a covering concrete slab Composite Characteristics Sheet metal decking units intended for use in composite floor construction achieve a positive mechanical combination with the concrete layer which is poured thereover.

May , The bottom layer of the flooring is prepared using extrusion molding without adding plasticizer The rigid board plastic flooring according to claim , wherein the aforementioned wear layer could be prepared from a transparent polymer material, such as PP, PE, PVC, PET, ABS, PC, POM, PMMA, PS,

Feb , The composite material of claim , wherein said passive solar thermal storage unit is a Trombe wall The composite material of claim , comprising a component of the floor, wall, or ceiling of a structure The composite material of claim , comprising a heat transfer or heat exchanging material .

Jan , Described herein is a monolithic flooring system that includes cove elements that are shaped to provide a transition between floor and wall such that a floor coating may be installed over the cove elements and sub flooring to create a unitary floor cove covering making for a surface that is more sanitary and

The extruded material is a composite of wood fibers and resin which has been cured and has a common cross section a frame having a plurality of elongated, extruded frame elements formed of wood and resin material and covered, at least in part, with a co extruded plastic layer wherein the frame elements exhibit a

Apr , The semi molten mixture emerging from the mixer is then introduced into an extruder or press where it is formed into a mass of desired shape, and cooled This method allows for the Automobile shredder residue synthetic plastic material composite, and method for preparing the same US A.

Sep , The composite fiber and resin reinforcement is a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite comprising a thermoset polyurethane resin matrix and a plurality of fibers Typical uses will be as a reinforcing material for wood laminates, such as wood support beams (glulam), truck floors and truss fabrication.