centria wood wall panels

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

An outer wall structure for mounting an exterior building material (e.g a ceramic exterior building material) to a building body formed by a plurality of column members, furring strip members and the like, is known to be used, for example, for wooden buildings such as houses Conventionally, a configuration in which the

Aug , Approximately million square feet of usage is in wall panels, with only an estimated million square feet in roofing Growth in the roofing segment has been more limited due to concerns surrounding through fastened assemblies, although standing seam metal roofing is gaining wider acceptance.

Nov , There are a number of factors that may be credited for the wide spread and increased use of such wall panel systems One such factor is the high cost to construct commercial and industrial buildings, which tend to be relatively large from stone or brick Wood is not a suitable substitute due to the large loads

Jun , The inclination of the sides of drain groove (), the width of drip groove () at the level of the underside of core plate () of the composite panel and the depth running inward on the underside of the composite panels lead to water accumulation in kitchen furniture and to swelling of unprotected wood parts.

An assembly for securing a panel to a wall surface, including an elongated rail adapted to being secured in extending fashion along the wall surface and a clip The main runners serve to lock the panels onto the support structure and with the cross runners serving to prevent the wood based panels from warping due to

Oct , For example, the wall panel system may be installed directly over existing walls or over an existing foundation such as wood framing or a concrete foundation Additionally, the wall panel system may be installed over an existing structure made of a variety of materials For example, the wall panel system

Sep , A sheet metal structural shape for use as a stud or mullion in wall construction or a purlin or sub purlin in deck construction which is symmetrical about a vertical bisecting plane having a Poured gypsum roof deck systems have long been recognized as economical and furnishing a fireproof roof structure.

Aug , Within the chosen materials, the thermal panels (Versawall and Versapanel by Centria) are chosen as the main material for walls and roof because of its solar reflectance index, structural and acoustic properties and ability to give the thermal comfort without using empty spaces on the walls This material

A siding panel system for use on an exterior building wall or the like, including an overlapping interlocked array of horizontal siding panels , wherein the siding panel sloping downwardly and outwardly so as to simulate the appearance of clapboards or other conventional wooden siding, and are attached to the wall at

Architects from Group Architecture, Research Planning called upon CENTRIA to supply the metal paneling for the exterior, knowing the manufacturer had a wide variety of textures available CENTRIA then looked to Valspar, one of the largest architectural coating manufacturers, to present options for coating colors and