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Apr , In last week s online poll, we asked our readers about the different types of slow feeders they ve used for their horses I love the slow feed nets, I also put x fence panels in the bunk feeder to slow the feeding. We built a wooden I built a wood, wall mounted hay feeder wrapped in x wire mesh.

Aug , Oh, I could read and write well enough, calculate and such as well as the rest I knew where the continents were and hated team sports not because I wasn t any good at them but because they too ended up getting in the way of woodworking No one else felt the same as I did You know, hanging around

Aug , Stacks of wood, piles of leaves, overgrown bushes, even flag stone just lying on top of the dirt are areas that scorpions love They love these When the concrete is poured they put a material between the concrete Over time this TO KILL SCORPIONS USE FORMULA NUMBER TWO A (A.) PLUS ADD

Jul , While that post is still useful, especially for someone who has never made soap before, it includes a lot of information, for both cold and hot process You may line the mold (I use freezer paper) to protect the mold (for example, a wood mold) from the oils in the soap and to make the soap come out easily.

Read this article to find out how to set a fence post and pour a concrete slab using QUIKRETE Fast Setting Concrete Mix visit for more information including a product quantity calculator and how to video on using QUIKRETE Fast Setting Concrete Mix How to Reinforce a Wooden Post Set in .

With higher priced or newer items, you can print sales ads from the internet proving the value and or describing the benefits Attach these pages to When a customer wants to check out, we write down the amounts from the pricing stickers on each person s page and then total the sale with a calculator Each page is tallied

Apr , I was home with my cats, and had coffee, ate cupcakes, pressure washed some reclaimed wood and spent too much time photo Yellow birthday cupcakes on a reclaimed wood plank You become strangely Please check this post after Thursday to see who won Good luck!

Aug , Y know if the table of the miter saw is the ceiling and the fence of the saw is the wall , cutting perfect angles (of any [reasonable] degree) becomes a walk in If it doesn t exist, someone should make an online calculator to find the angles you had written down for any corner where you know the angle.

May , I have seen quite a few questions being asked online on various forums, as to how or where to find the blueprint for the [Wood Elf Throne, search for text in self post contents self yes (or self no) include (or exclude) self posts nsfw yes (or nsfw no) include (or exclude) results marked as NSFW.

Oct , I promised in this month s Expenditures post that I d share all the dirty details on our heat sources for the winter and I am true to my word I will deliver! And if your wood stack doesn t happen to conform to those precise measurements (such as ours), fear not, for there exists this online wood cord calculator.

Mar , Instead of suffering through life with a boring fence, take a look at these five ways to decorate your chain link fencing Make Art with Cups We ve all driven down Author Bio Eloise Hamilton studied political science and now writes online as a freelance writer Aside from cars and Congress, her interests

Oct , This app is great for the home improvement contractor who doesn t have a lot of time for math You can use it to lay out a variety of projects that require calculationsfrom shelving to fencing and even wainscoting Enter dimensions and configurations, calculations come back Available on Android and iOS.