outdoor wall panels of no deformation

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Jan , Mounting means to secure the wall panel to the exterior side of the steel frame include fastening means which removably interconnect the wall panel for three dimensional adjustment which is advantageous both to compensate for building frame deformation and for alignment of individual panels with

Aug , An installation system designed specifically for thin reinforced natural stone panels used as exterior cladding, re cladding, or over cladding of whereby the framing members at the edges of the planar panel provides structural support and resistance to deformation due to lateral live loads such as wind

Feb , An elasticized geosynthetic panel, geofoam composition and method operable for permitting controlled deformation of earth materials adjacent a rigid In order to reduce hydrostatic pressure buildup on an exterior surface of the wall, a porous fluid handling conduit is positioned adjacent the footing for

Nov , This application gains the benefit of U.S Provisional Application No , filed Apr , , which is incorporated herein by reference FIELD OF THE INVENTION One or more embodiments of this invention relate to an architectural wall panel system designed to cover an interior or exterior building

Jul , Blast resistant prefabricated wall panels contain at least one panel consisting of two structural boards having a thermoset resin impregnated fiber that blast resistant prefabricated wall units can withstand large explosive blasts without fragmenting, if the exterior and or interior walls of the prefabricated wall

No ,,, some panels may extend from floor to a height substantially above beltline height to define a fixed height space dividing wall and other panels may include a shorter panel section having one or more fixed rectangular panels vertically stacked thereon which panels are connected at their opposite ends to the

No ,, discloses a hollow panel member having a width of about one and one half inches (?) and a complicated interior formed by pultrusion, a process the hollow wall panels and columns have a structural strength to accept the pouring of concrete or the like therein without deformation to provide permanent

The wall flange with the second elastomeric deformation characteristic is deformable into a planar configuration while coupled along the wall panel in the installed Accordingly, moisture is consistently and reliably diverted toward the wall panel and the exterior without pooling along and between wrinkles and pleats and

Sep , Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) systems are known for use in constructing exterior wall systems with high performance and environmentally friendly materials No ,, issued Sep , to Cretti (the Cretti patent) The Cretti patent discloses an insulated concrete wall panel form that includes a

Feb , Apparatus and systems for a fire resistant rated fenestration including curtain wall systems for multiple story buildings capable of withstanding a seismic In other exemplary embodiments, monolithic stopless facing panel curtain walls where mullion members are not exposed from the exterior side may also

Nov , The mechanical fasteners are advantageously combined with compressible strips between panels which not only deform during fastening of the No ,, which issued Aug , This system uses office panels which have an interior frame, normally of metal, to which decorative panels are

Jun , A perimeter wall foundation is created by attaching galvanized steel corrugated panels to an in place structure Then any number of variously selected height corrugated panels may be hung from the perimeter or interior of the unit(s) and so dangling partially into a trench, contiguously attached, along a

Jul , Publication number, US A Publication Many examples of previously known pre cast and otherwise constructed cementitious wall panels are disclosed in U.S Pat Nos The other longitudinal edge of web is shaped or deformed so that the stud may be locked within the concrete shell.

A process for making plastic siding panels, such as outdoor weatherable vinyl panels with an embossed wood grain pattern, comprises extruding a vinyl sheet, and No ,, filed Feb , , now U.S Pat No ,, which is a division of Ser No ,, filed Sep , , now U.S Pat No ,,

Jul , No ,, filed Oct , now abandoned, entitled Electrical Junction Box for Construction Panels, invented by Howard H Bashford BACKGROUND OF THE In a typical installation, electrical boxes are placed in the wall, floor or ceiling of a structure by fixing them to the structural members.

Jun , A Dry Joint Wall Cladding Attachment System for mounting aluminum composite material (ACM) panels on a building substructure utilizing a No ,,, granted Jan , , to Ronald D Sukolics, provides a clip having an inward force or pressure, wherein panel interlocks, which are ridges running

Mar , As mentioned generally above, assembly of several structural components, such as panels, into a composite partition wall in accordance with prior art practice It is also an important object to provide such strip fastening system which is completely accessible from the exterior of the panel not requiring the

No , filed Dec , , now abandoned The present invention relates to self sustaining wall and ceiling panels the exterior surfaces of which are The panels thus consist of considerable amounts of wood material or some other inflammable material which is deformed and very rapidly burnt out in case of fire on

Aug , Not only does this damage necessitate expensive repairs, but serious threats to life safety are imposed when debris falls from a damaged wall system In contrast, each The wall system of claim wherein each elongate seismic decoupler joint is removably securable between the exterior wall panels .

Apr , d) an interior compartment bounded by said front, rear, side and end surfaces, e) said several surfaces being comprised of plastic sheet material having a thickness between {fraction ( )} and ? inch The sound diffuser panel of claim wherein said elongated recesses are formed by the deformation of