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The bed is not in a cramped loft, as with many tiny homes (The vertical ladders to these lofts make them doubly poor in design.) This place is plain and simple on the outside, and thoughtfully laid out on the inside Brian Levy is leading his own quiet experiment on a pie shaped, , square foot lot in Northeast Washington

Mar , Sylvia gave us a peek backstage, where artists from afar set up camp, live, cook, apply make up, mend their costumes and rehearse under a makeshift tin roof Temporary seats were laid out in front of the stage but, Sylvia told us, do not sit in the front two rows they are reserved for our friendly guests from

Mar , This is a sketch of Amsterdam, on the Rokin, near the starting point of the canal cruises Rondvaart Kooij For those not too familiar with Amsterdam, the alley behind the bridge leads towards the red light district I guess I have your attention now But to reassure you, I visited Amsterdam for the reopened

Jul , Since , Bloom has been growing produce for her community supported agriculture (CSA) operation entirely on other people s properties She lives in a portable, ? foot tall microhouse with an by foot footprint After enlisting her father and others to help, Bloom built her home from scratch atop a

Feb , At last summer s USk Symposium in Manchester (UK), Shari conducted a workshop called Bare Bones Working with Limited Palettes in Watercolour Those who toughed it out found comfort at a nearby restaurant where they warmed up with cups of steaming coffee as they put final touches on their

Oct , The small country of Burkina Faso near the border to Ghana may not have many resources or economic wealth, but with the plentiful materials available the Kassena people make some of the most culturally rich and architecturally beautiful villages, such as this one in Tiébélé, built using traditional

Feb , That , will buy you a shipping container What you do with that shipping container Well, that s completely up to you Some creative people have found a way to transform this rudimentary room with metal siding into luxury housing that blows us away These homes are epic Check out the article at

Jun , I wrote about a friends off grid homestead in West Wales I ve long been interested in handmade homes and lived on a converted canal barge

Oct , A friend of the owner developed with him some exterior sketches, and a carpenter worked out the structural matters on the fly, adhering to building code There are no blueprints, alas The siding and the deck are redwood, the trim and the bench are cedar The clerestory windows came from a custom shop,

Sep , My goal in building a micro house was not primarily to be part of a movement, but to build a simple, decent, affordable home where I could apply my experience in design and building to create a space that is my own I work in the energy efficiency field as a home performance consultant and meet with

One of the most common questions we get asked is How do I learn how to build a tiny home A very superior answer would be the Yestermorrow School in Waitsfield, Vermont offering over hands on courses per year in design, construction, woodworking, and architectural craft including a variety of courses

Feb , Their diminutive home on wheels, which is nearing completion, will hardly leave room to stretch out for Cori Cox, , his wife Angel Tyra,

Jan , For really low temperatures, I have made a simple three colour palette from a pill box There is no time anyway for There is a bit of residue on top of the paint wells afterwards, but as soon as I paint with clean water again, that top layer seem to wash off quickly, and the paints act perfectly normal My freezy

Dec , This amazing transforming house truck compacts into a street legal truck (with turrets) Once parked, the house truck completely folds out, expands immensely, and transforms into a fantasy castle.

Jun , A white, energy efficient, thermoplastic roof plane (TPO) and painted cedar base wrap three colorful corrugated fiberglass cubes and natural cedar siding to create the basic compostion of the house The painted cedar base holds a planter that outlines the trailer of the house Gray water from the house s

May , It was blossom time and I had been tipped to take pink in my palette I had done The castle seemed to have visual links with the shrines and temple sketches of Kyoto so I carried on in the same concertina To get out of her comfort zone she likes to sketch with Manchester Urban Sketchers and to travel.

Feb , Dutch arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne and architect Nicolas d Ursel from Trees and People have invented a new suspension style cabin called Dom Up This innovative treehouse d s inspiration from tree camping and traditional treehouse structures The end result is a tree shelter that s reported easy to

May , Raspberry Red is a vibrant, joyous colour just right for adding richness to your palette A secret garden themed wedding with wooden or wrought iron fencing and pergolas entwined with raspberry branches and grapevines, jars filled with ripening bunches of Check out these posts from the archives .

May , I know that some sketchers shy away from iconic views, but I didn t care that it had already been portrayed many, many times Sitting at a shady picnic table high above the water, I felt as if I d waited years to make the sketch shown at the top of the post Although I d carried the feelings since , I finally

Aug , The double gallon drum bell never got above about degrees in degree weather so we adjusted it to be a single gallon bench bell that feels quite nice to sit on within a few minutes of lighting the first match We will have to figure out a drain for the condensation in the heat riser drum and bell

Jul , They are on a surfing rock climbing road trip from Vancouver, Canada and went as far south as Big Sur for surf and out to the sierras for rock climbing They are slowly making their way back up to the great north and hitting as much good surf as they can along the way The van is a × diesel and it has a

Mar , The d back is that at some point, one cannot talk any louder After this if the noise still rises (more people join the party cell) the listener cannot make out what the talker is talking about without coming closer to the talker In effect, CDMA cell coverage decreases as the number of active users increases.

Dec , The center of the large glass wall ended up looking (unintentionally) like an elephant A friend came by one day, looked at it, and said Eliphante, and so the building was named There is a large pond outside Eliphante, a solar heated shower building, an underground kiva and sculptures of rock, mirrors,

Feb , in Pen, Ink and Watercolor and Sketching the City in Pen, Ink and Watercolor on Shari s daily sketches are on her blog Shari s watercolours can be found at Workshop Bare Bones Exploring Limited Palettes in Watercolour.

Aug , Greens like lettuce, kale, and basil also have a place in your vertical garden Leafy herbs and salad greens prefer at least partial shade, so you can tuck them under large sun loving plants Or grow them in a shady corner using vertical planters created from pallets, stacked or hanging pots, shelves,

Jun , Some people dream of sparkling granite countertops, spacious pantries and glossy whirlpool tubs set next to enormous showers tricked out with the latest Village Eugene (EVE), a new proposed village of tiny houses, could give her that along with the stability she and others need to get back on their feet.

Jul , This is a current project the crescent wings fold down to make a diameter floor for a yurt Bed, storage boxes, rocket stove heater, clear door, sticks, ring and cover, all inside Kurt When the sun is out I ve gotten degrees warmer inside than out Clearstory lid is steep enough not to cover with snow.

Stunning Photos of Architectural Density in Hong Kong By Evan Kahn on architecture of density hong kong michael wolf Check out more pictures at

Jun , I bought it a couple of years ago after a lot of research into different makes and models, and finding out that BT have an outstanding record for looking after their vehicles It has a fiberglass body which will not rot, and even if the cab eventually lets it down the body can be removed and put on another rolling