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Nov , Sea snakes have some of the most potent venoms of any snake, but most of the or so species are docile, rare, or sparing with their venom The beaked sea snake (Enhydrina schistosa) is an exception It lives throughout Asia and Australasia, has a reputation for being aggressive, and swims in estuaries

Jun , The septins also act as a fence They corral other important infection related proteins, keeping them at the pore where they are needed These proteins cause the surface of the appressorium to curve outwards, creating a tiny nub that eventually blossoms into a full blown penetration peg So, the septin ring

Nov , The Islamic New Year has already begun Around the globe, Shiites are observing ceremonies to commemorate the martyrdom of the prophet s grandson Hussein in the battle of Karbala These ceremonies are central to Shiite identity globally The rich variety of these traditions worldwide provides a

Jun , Uek has a problem She can see a piece of food through a hole in a plastic box, but she cannot reach it Fortunately, Uek is a New Caledonian crow, a bird that is both intelligent and adept with tools She grabs a stick with her bill, pushes it forward through the hole and knocks the morsel onto a slope,.

Apr , The villages are Martinique, Barbados, Aruba, Jamaica, and Trinidad North and South A tranquil lagoon known as Sliding partition doors of rich, dark wood have a colonial Mexican motif and provide amble privacy and separation between the sleeping area and the vanity bathroom Resort layout.

Mar , You ve heard of extreme ironing You ve heard of extreme sitting Both are fairly new inventions, but the craziest extreme sport of all has been around for at least million years It s spider boarding Spider boarding is practiced by a group of insects called mantidflies The larvae of most mantidfly species

Jun , (A permit may also be required if new fencing will need to be constructed, though they didn t go into great detail.) We have You always need a permit for a new fence, but not necessarily if you are replacing a fence In , I had the broken small wall torn down, and a carport built (custom wood) Well

Feb , The fences worked In the following months, Florance couldn t find any toads within the protected areas (although he found several that died at the fences, trying to get in) He fitted radio trackers to individuals and followed them in their quest for water Near the fenced areas, all of these toads died within

Aug , New Scientist published a story yesterday stating that rosacea a common skin disease characterised by red blotches on one s face may be caused (more on this later) by tiny bugs closely related to spiders living in the pores of your face. Tiny bugs that c l about your face in the dark, lay eggs in

Jul , Trade secret, but the wood is porous so it soaks up the scent molecules The scent is from an armadillo and will attract other armadillos. Read more Show less Reply Charles Schmidt years ago Now I see just how important armadillo scent can be inside a trap You didn t need a guide fence to get

Oct , The day I returned the students were given the opportunity to pull their item out of the wooden post and notice the holes that were left behind It s like a hole that mean words leave in the heart even when we apologize, said Eric, one of the instructors And remember, he added, Happy people help people!

May , In the s, visitors watching football games at Berkeley s Californian Memorial Stadium would often be plagued by beetles The insects swarmed their clothes and bit them on the necks and hands The cause cigarettes The crowds smoked so heavily that a cloud of smoke hung over the stadium.

Apr , In The Truth Machine, a science fiction novel published in , scientists invent a device that can detect lies with perfect accuracy It abolishes crime, changes the world, and generally saves humanity from self destruction Which is nice Could such a machine ever be a reality Not if our current technology

Sep , While the detainees were in the yard the two men climbed the northern fence Officers of the Arima Police Station, led by Supt Moses and Insp Mark Police said the second escapee ambushed PC Antoine and hit him with a piece of wood The officer drew his gun and shot the man in his left foot Antoine

Dec , When Thomas Headland first met the world s longest snake, he was on the way to the toilet He was living in the Philippine rainforest with a group of hunter gatherers called the Agta On the walk to the outhouse behind his hut, he stumbled across a reticulated python curled up on the trail The hairs on the

Mar , This monstrous fish is a tambaqui, a close relative of the piranha Fortunately, it doesn t share its cousin s flesh eating lifestyle Instead, the kilogram tambaqui (or pacu) is a vegetarian It swims through the flooded forests of the Amazon, eating fruits that drop from the overhanging trees In doing so, it acts

Aug , A bird of prey flies through the skies of Europe and spots a snake on the ground below Travelling at high speed and soaring at great height, it has mere seconds to decide if it should attack If the snake is harmless, it could end up with a nice meal If the snake is venomous, it could get a fatal bite How can

Dec , Just as petrified fossils tell us about the evolution of life on earth, the words written in books narrate the history of humanity They words tell a story, not just through the sentences they form, but in how often they occur Uncovering those tales isn t easy you d need to convert books into a digital format so that

Wood is hard, tends to crack, and mainly used for fuel, charcoal, posts, and flooring Astringent bark decoction used for USVI traditional uses Has been used for charcoal and fence posts In the past, boat owners tied their In Trinidad, the flower decoction is taken to eliminate urinary burning The leaf decoction is also

Jul , We are in a car park just outside of Trinidad, at the base of stone steps that lead to a viewpoint looking out over the valley All the surrounding land They are small, modest, made from wood, and are seemingly an integral part of Cuban life I noticed these Yeah, I think I am on the fence still It s such a