ideas of detached deck on a mobile house

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Sep , Although it s not always necessary to hire an architect or engineer in the design process, it s often a good idea, says Lydia Afeman, who is building a home with two micro apartments on her property in Houston Involving professionals can help ensure that you ve covered all your bases on structure safety.

Jan , Tiny houses such as this mobile Leaf House are ingeniously designed to maximize space, which isn t always the case with just smallish houses Photo used with tend a large garden They spend a lot of time as a family outdoors, even in winter, when they bundle up and build large fires on their deck.

Aug , never pressure wash your house You may just be going with the crowd, but in this case the crowd is wrong, and you re likely causing big damage you have no idea about Pressure washing is usually the first step in getting a new paint job so I see a lot of painters doing it and doing it wrong It s not just

Cloud Tubs A popular new tub shape is the cloud tub They are freestanding and look great in both small and large bathrooms cloud tub by W mobile home bathroom guide Wetstyle has several gorgeous small bathroom bathtub designs Shapes include the above cloud along with straight sided tubs and wave tubs.

Jun , Patios typically are located off the house, but if you don t have room to expand there, a detached garage or shed can provide a nice anchor for an outdoor living space Here, a wood burning fireplace and window boxes off the garage add warmth and charm to the patio, and the structure also provides a

Apr , This modern take on the trellis accentuates the architecture of the house and provides a spot to hang magical outdoor globe lights Traditional Deck by ilumus This can make a small deck feel more expansive than free standing furniture and maximize your deck s seating potential While these benches

The remodeled double wide home has a lot of features reminiscent of a Southern farmhouse Most of the decorating ideas are mine, but Chris was instrumental in cultivating my sense of style and color as well as bringing many of our design ideas to Years in Review Popular Features of Mobile Homes Built In .

Sep , Despite the brown water that sometimes flows out of their faucets, residents of the East End Mobile Home Park say they have built good, quiet lives in their community outfitting their trailers with decks, renovated kitchens and extra bedrooms for their growing families Their monthly lot fees are

Apr , Handi Blocks will pummel your neighbors house with debris from your shed during a cyclone Can you tell me where I can purchase these Handi block here in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL, I am building a decking. I m soon to be building a x freestanding deck next to our outside dining window.

Nov , O wait there is and it s call a trailer park, but that name doesn t sound cool at all and those have been around for decades!!! You are right lets call them tiny homes vs trailers Then lets call the idea a new and radical way of thinking Check and check, oh man this is going to be a really interesting and ground

This NY double wide has so many great manufactured home remodeling ideas that will inspire you! Modern materials These Inexpensive Mobile Homes Have So Much Potential A foot wide window set above the extra deep stainless steel sink overlooks the back of the property and the two tiered deck A butcher

Dec , Read our December home maintenance to do list for tips on how to maintain your home, including buttoning up your house for winter and getting ready for the.

Porch decorating never got easier than with these outdoor wall art ideas Turn your porch from Wall Art Ideas How to Make Freestanding Decorating Hangers (DIY) We have Purchase inexpensive x lumber (cut to length), inch t nuts, and inch by inch carriage bolts at your local home supply store Drill a