fireproof wooden veneer honeycomb composite interior wall panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

The decking material is typically plywood, oriented strand board, composite particle board, or the like Once the deck is formed, external and internal walls are constructed and nailed to the deck If the building is multilevel, another set of floor joists is secured on top of load bearing walls and decking material is nailed into

Shear strengths obtainable in two ply wood veneer construction with the sub assembly of paper and aluminum foil prepared in Example were determined on samples of birch plywood The plywood was made by inserting between two sheets of birch veneer (with parallel grain) the sub assembly of resin containing

The present invention relates to a universal door skin blank, comprising a wood composite blank molded to have spaced stiles lying on a first plane and a flat planar portion disposed between the stiles and lying on a plane spaced from the plane of the stiles A decorative layer, such as a veneer, foil, or paper overlay, may be

Current construction practice for interior and some exterior (such as soffits) surfaces relies primarily on gypsum board (drywall) Gypsum is a Finally, the engineered materials may be filled between any two surfaces, such as wood veneers, to make lightweight doors Alternatively, when Space dividing wall panel.

Accordingly, it has been used in a variety of fields, for applications such as furniture, building walls, interiors of automobiles, etc In the melamine decorative laminate, is a schematic view showing the structure of an embodiment of the melamine decorative laminate according to the present invention DESCRIPTION OF