snap lock plastic wall panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jan , The present invention is particularly suitable for use in floating floors, which are formed of floor panels which are joined mechanically with a locking system integrated with the floor panel, i.e mounted at the factory, are made up of one or more upper layers of veneer, decorative laminate or decorative plastic

Mar , The latch mechanism has a latch bolt automatically displaceable to a locking position upon contact with the keeper The keeper and the latch mechanism cooperate in the locking position to lock the glazing panel to the frame in a secured position A method for installing the connector device is also

A re closable snap type lock is also provided for the container, as well as a hang tab In the folded form, the containers have protruding corners, which cooperate, when a plurality of containers are packaged, to act as spacers, with the container comers spacing container walls against scuffing and the like Claims,

Dec , The system of claim , wherein the snap locking element urges the retainer into locked engagement with the mullion portion The system of claim , These panel areas can include panels of glass, metal, plastic, granite and the like of single, multiple or composite construction The panels can be

Feb , The second arcuate ridged region of a first wall panel is adapted to securely overlap and snap fit interconnect with said first arcuate ridged region of a the edge channels include projections engaged by the punched lugs in the corrugated panels in order to lock the corrugated panels to the edge channels.

Dec , An insulated panel for a domestic or household appliance is formed by a process in which two sheets of plastic material are extruded from a co extrusion When the open die members are closed, the edges of the two sheets are sealed together to form a hollow panel and the walls of the panel are forced

A box or container for yams or other bulk products wherein there are closure panels having lock panels at each end thereof, and which lock panels interlock in exhibits these features independent of the specific bottom wall forming construction selected, for example, a regular slotted bottom or a snap lock bottom,

Jun , A lunchbox including a lid and base pivotally engaged by snap together hinge assemblies and including a pivotal latch assembly and a separate lock The carrying box of claim wherein said hinge means comprises a retainer and a hinge panel on respective ones of said rear wall portions, said hinge

Jun , A Dry Joint Wall Cladding Attachment System for mounting aluminum composite material (ACM) panels on a building substructure utilizing a reveal strips compress said plurality of spring clips against a spring bias upon insertion of said reveal strips into said reveal cavity thereby locking said reveal strips

Nov , The partitioning system includes structural wall panels of a unitized, laminated gypsum sheet construction, window panels, acoustical screens, and door members a face plate adapted for lateral snap fit receipt of said panel connector, said face plate member having a central attachment portion and.

Apr , A hanging panel assembly utilises a core which is encompassed by a press fit material installed by the user generally without mechanical attachments A series for further members are subsequently connected to the press fit material using a snap lock type connection A locking mechanism is used with the

Oct , Extended lengths of grid like reinforcing sheet material are attached to precast wall panels of a reinforcing wall by a connector comb and locking clip securing and then snap around the ends of the serrated edges of the fingers to indicate a locking of the engagement ears between serrations of the fingers.

Dec , The tabs snap into the respective socket permanently locking the components together The storage locker can be fastened to a wall or, alternatively, employ a perforated rear panel to allow freestanding operation Shelves can be mounted inside the locker by use of plastic locking pins and or integrated

Mar , The housing elements include a pultruded panel body member having at least one edge, and a pultruded snap lock fitting on the edge adapted for resin with fiberglass reinforcement (i.e fiber reinforced plastic, or pultrusion) to provide a nearly complete structural wall, floor, ceiling, or roof panel.

Oct , This invention describes a snap lock interlocking joint which locks a pair of mating construction pieces together by the insertion of a specially shaped The invention works well with engineered wood composites such as medium density fiberboard and certain other plastic products, namely free foam

It is known that a snap system could have a separate plastic strip , integrated with the panel and with a resilient part as shown in FIGS d f Such a locking system could be locked with less resistance than the traditional one piece snap system This locking system has however several disadvantages The plastic strip

A snap fastener assembly includes a cylindrical C shaped spring retainer member having a hollow open core with an exterior longitudinal slit aperture extending into the core The spring retainer member spring retainer member The retainer member can be actively fastened to a hole, for example, to hold panels on a wall.