cheap ways to enclose your deck

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Deck waterproofing expands your outdoor living space by making the area under your porch or deck usable for family and friends A deck drainage system allows you to enclose the bottom of your deck while simultaneously giving you space for can lights, fans, and other amenities to make your outdoor time more

The how to build a porch process from the ground up along with our porch design elements to create your perfect porch! Adding a Check out how easy it is to build a screen porch enclosure We cannot over emphasize the importance of constructing a porch (or deck) the right way without taking shortcuts to save money.

Amazing Screen Porch Windows Make for a Fantastic Porch Enclosure With these screen porch windows you only have to provide the openings Porch windows make converting your porch, screened porch, deck, and even your garage into a three season room as easily as we ve seen Advertisements Advertisements.

What better way to find enclosure ideas for designing, furnishing and decorating than to see actual custom built enclosed porches Enjoy these amazing photos of custom The location of your enclosed porch is often determined by the presence of an existing porch, deck or patio you have However, if you have the option,

Aug , Steps to Add a Small Porch To Your Home Back in the day when I used to subscribe to a lot of magazines, one of my favorites was Southern Homes Unfortunately, it has gone the way of so many magazines and is no longer in publication One day while flipping through Southern Homes, I came across this

Nov , Walls are arguably the easiest and most recognizable architectural elements that define a room Let s stretch this notion and identify other ways to perceive space Consider the following tips to create your home s spaces without relying on the typical vertical barrier for enclosure Contemporary Dining Room

May , Adding Lattice to Enclose the Underneath Side of a Deck It seems like the I was looking for a way to enclose the bottom of the deck that s off the dining room but didn t want to block the sunlight from coming in the basement windows As a last resort lattice The lattice around your deck looks great! Reply.

Porch windows can instantly transform your porch (and even your deck or patio) into a porch enclosure or three season porch Many are easy DIY projects and all are relativey easy to do Explore your options to maximize your comfort and increase the value of your home Use porch windows to keep out the weather, pollen,

Jun , I asked Linda about her beautiful furniture here on the porch and she said, In regards to the furnitureall of it was purchased prior to us enclosing the room If you are participating in Metamorphosis Monday, please link up using the permalink to your MM post and not your general blog address To get

IMPORTANT Although the process and structure of building a porch foundation is similar to that of a backyard deck, your porch s foundation will be carrying significantly more weight and must comply with your local Footing Details Two typical footing and pier construction techniques It is inexpensive and easy to do.

Sep , How the heck do you fix your pool screen when it s ripped way up on the roof Not as easily as you might think! Check out how The best way to keep a roof panel tight and right is to stretch the screen at a diagonal angle rather than horizontally or vertically Where the two screen edges run parallel, keep

May , This path widens out to patio size by extending all the way out to the fence boundary on one side and the house boundary on the other Beautiful roses A side bar This side yard makes the most of where the backyard deck meets the side yard, with a bar placed along the side and room for stools along it.

Jul , Regardless of complexity, each project is apartment friendly and will enclose your space gorgeously! View More DIYs DIY As the creators put it, This can be adapted whether you have a stone patio surrounded by dirt and grass, a balcony or a free standing deck like we have You could potentially train

Easy to install, an outdoor ceiling fan will add a steady breeze on those hot summer days They look great and will add both ambiance and comfort for your family and guests Did you know porch ceilings are traditionally painted blue Word has it that it reminds people of the sky or that it wards off mosquitoes Either way, a

Nov , At night, blinds come down over the enclosure shaping the rounded glass walls During the day, riverside views of Chelsea Embankment and the River Thames flood the room This Riverside Penthouse in London by Foster Partners displays a creative way of guiding natural light inside, pass the glass

Apr , Sometimes small porches (especially if they are enclosed) can be dark and uninviting A sure fire way to brighten and cheer things up is add a pop of color by painting your front door Of course a bright color is very eye catching Love the wonderful shade of blue this door is painted And the antiquing over

It s an easy and relatively inexpensive way to create privacy, ambiance, and add a lot of curb appeal to your porch Give you lots of flexibility you simply slide them out of the way and even remove them when not needed An easy way to enclose your porch, deck, or patio without the expense of screening your porch.

May , I don t know how long I ve had this stupid fascination with putting a wood deck into the back of my clunky old Volkswagen, like some enclosed truck, or the The only thing that really made any of this different than woodworking for your house was that the surface itself wasn t flat And it was cheap, too.