building materials for tropical climate decking

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Feb , Whether you live in Hong Kong or Houston, if you live on the top level of your apartment building, you hold the golden ticket to solving a city dweller s number one design Choose fabric that will survive in your respective climate I look for fabrics that will hold up in Hong Kong s humid and tepid climate.

Sep , Ground covers help to insulate the soil when the temperature gets very hot or cold They also help build up humus levels in the soil and provide habitat for beneficial insects Unlike bark and pebble mulches, ground covers can also add color to the garden with attractive leaves or flowers There are many to

May , Video Produced by UP Multimedia for IRIS Corporation Berhad and KOTO Corp s collaboration on the KOTO Building System The Video This is in malaysia we dont have any heavy nature condition it is a tropical country a for poor people this is their home or would you rather stay under a bridge

Jun , I hope you find some inspiration for your summer deck building project! Build a Trellis The use of a trellis structure above the deck serves many purposes Quite a few composite decking materials are available that look great, feel great, and don t get eaten by bugs or destroyed by sun and water.

Apr , Over the past two decades, the construction industry has had technological advances in waterproofing materials, including integral waterproofing systems as well as more Concrete roofs are often in need of special attention especially in the tropics when rains are heavy and concrete is decomposing.

Dec , Wood like all materials fades in the sunlight, but some woods also undergo actual chemical changes that change the color Do You Have Gray Decking Some woods go gray faster than others, and you will find that many of the tropical species that contain a lot of oil content fight this graying for a long

Jan , The S House was designed to achieve the highest level Platinum rating of Malaysia s Green Building Index (GBI) Much of the demolished old house materials were re used All new trees and plants are tropical natives that are generally maintenance free and suitable for the Malaysian climate .

May , My next trip there will be spent at building supply places I think, and trying to find out the materials used and quality of them there, and what tools are I guess your experiences living in both tropical islands of Puerto Rico, and now the Philippines, where the whims of Mama nature could spell disaster if

Resilience to Climate Change Passive cooling enhanced by Use of recycled timber externally for decking rather than stone to reduce heat gain Resource Efficacy Passive Use of tropical natural materials, with wide eaves and large overhangs and vertical shading to keep the house cool Integration of landscaping

Oct , Bliss Spaces complete two residences in north London in just days making use of prefabricated and eco friendly materials One of the highlights of the project is the use of an eco friendly wood product called Kebony, which is a more sustainable product than tropical hardwood Kebonization is used to

Jun , Eco options include cork flooring, decking and a green roof An interesting architectural alternative for certain climates, they can handle high rainfall tropics and dry desert environments, and offer a variety of designs as well They use green materials, energy efficient tech and sustainable practices.

May , Don t be Compost does not have to be turned Any pile of organic materials will eventually become compost Still, I like to turn my composts I typically build new piles (a lot of them!!) through summer into fall, turn them the following spring, and then spread the finished compost that fall or the following spring.

Jun , MB Design Build Annual color Vines can also provide a garden with annual color On this rooftop deck in Chicago, chartreuse colored sweet potato vine (Ipomea batatas) fills in lots of seasonal color It s heat tolerant and fast growing all summer As an annual, it s an easy vine to use for containers or

Feb , In a warmer climate, you would just have consistent heat to the building, but in Alaska, where it is so cold and heat is so expensive, this isn t always This seams like such a simple thing, but having the deck style floor really helps keep the floor clean Use scrap x material to fill in area in front of seat.

Prairie Husband is a stickler for building things out of quality materials that last, so needless to say, my idea of using old pallets and scrap lumber to construct the That equals more cost in purchasing lumber (and labor in building the frames), so we decided to use extremely heavy duty steel bridge decking panels instead.

May , There s no point in wasting money on plants that won t thrive in your garden s type of soil or building a terrace and finding it s lashed by cold winds most of the time If you use Your site survey should include existing structures and features such as sheds, decks, driveways, paving, arbors and pools Even if

Oct , Learn about softwoods, tropical hardwoods, composites and more for decks, including pros, cons and costs Contemporary Deck by Ventana Construction LLC Ventana The installer you hire will also likely have opinions about the best material and installation methods for your climate Keep in mind

Corrugated tin, fiber glass, or sheet plastic has been extensively used as a substitute roofing material, but this solution creates a stifling hot internal house environment when applied in tropical climates However, using waste plastic bottles to create a plastic thatching fills the need for a cost effective, easy to install, effective