lightweight waterproof fireproof thermal insulation structural insulated panel

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Nov , An article of manufacture as defined in claim , wherein the laminate structure is a thermal insulation barrier Consequently, typical cementitious materials have not been suitable for making small, lightweight objects, such as containers or thin sheets, which are better if made from materials with much

Oct , A high impact, moisture resistant, wall panel system and methods for mounting a high impact, moisture resistant wall panel to an existing structure are UL approved fireproof, fire resistance without requiring additional fire retardants, ASTM rated mold proof, ASTM rated waterproof, moisture resistant

Sep , In the insulated metal deck structure of claim wherein said insulation is moisture pervious and poured concrete is above said corrugated metal decking and It is still another object of this invention to provide a poured gypsum and lightweight concrete roof deck system having integral thermal insulation

This invention generally pertains to a composite building material comprising a lightweight core with a thin fiber cement facing on one side of the core and a second to attain equivalent functionality, such as the combination of a type X gypsum wallboard, a foamed plastic thermal insulation panel, and an exterior cladding.

As compared with conventional insulated building vertical wall structures (× insulated walls), and or standard concrete block construction, it is believed that may contemplate a step of forming a block in the presence of heat and pressure (e.g according to the compression heating taught herein) while the st has a

The surfacing material comprises weather resistant light weight polymeric substrate and a membrane of water impermeable pressure sensitive adhesive material Therefore the present invention has as its object the provision of a light weight roofing structure which presents economic improvements over prior roofing

May , The present invention also provides structural units for constructing a building, the structural units being manufactured using the geopolymeric cement of (Structural Insulated Panels) and ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) are being used currently, allowing greater insulation thicknesses to be achieved.

Jun , However, the latter are more commonly used due to their light weight and insulation characteristics Sandwich panels are produced in many different forms and configurations aiming at the optimization of strength, weight and cost factors to achieve a structurally and economically sound panel The sandwich

Apr , This is to be distinguished from known case concrete building panels that includes an internal layer of insulating material since there is no structural The connecting means is preferably heat and fire resistant and it is most preferably metallic, although other materials, e.g steel carbon fibre, fibre glass,

Fusing of the plastic layers is effected by application of heat as the layers are pressed together with the interposed mesh The resultant sheet is resistant to wind, heat and has good structural integrity The sheet provides a low cost environmental barrier which is generally fire resistant While there has been set forth a

Jun , A support panel for thin brick, comprising a metal sheet, an array of groove retaining tabs having first tab edges, said first tab edges protruding from ( mm by mm) substrate, resulting in small, lightweight, easily installed modular panels A gap of to ? of provided for thermal expansion.

Mar , A module for construction of a modular building structure, said module being prefabricated and comprising a frame shaped as a rectangular facade, with which the insulation can be held outboard of the steel structure and waterproof skin this approach permits vastly superior quality and variety of

Jan , A fire retardant, intumescent laminate system suitable for application to combustible or heat sensitive substrates comprises an intumescent layer which is a porous The intumescent composition also includes a spumific material which assists in the production of a thick, heat insulating carbonaceous foam.

In various aspects and embodiments, textured coatings are provided that include a texturing material and a heat reflective metal oxide pigment A metal panel for use in any of the present compositions and methods can be an insulated metal panel having a layer of an insulation material, including such insulated metal

Mar , The structure is essentially a branched polyether with a maximum of three reactive isocyanate (NCO) groups per molecule It is preferred that this layer be waterproof at water pressures exceeding kN M so as to retain its thermal insulating properties and not become wet even when it is subjected to

Aug , Composite flexible multilayer insulation systems (MLI) were evaluated for thermal performance and compared with currently used fibrous silica These systems are useful to provide lightweight thermal insulation for a variety of uses, particularly on the surface of aerospace vehicles subject to very high

Feb , depicts a flooring system employing an embodiment of a lightweight epoxy based underlayment The flooring system may be included within a maritime vessel, such as an ocean going and or sea going vessel, a building, or other suitable structure The flooring system may be particularly well

Oct , A generally planar, structural insulated panel for building construction includes a pair of outer facings disposed on opposed surfaces of a plastic foam core Both of the outer facings are The exterior surface of the second insulation panel is fastened to the gypsum wood fiber board by mechanical fasteners.

May , A poured concrete insulated roofing structure installed over roof support members and having gypsum formboard with its underside adjacent the roof Such organic polymer foams are substantially rigid bodies of foam and are well known for their low density and outstanding thermal insulating properties.

Jul , A new concept wall system is provided, wherein a moisture and vapor barrier is positioned in an enterior insulation finish system to provide thermal stability Although such systems are said to be waterproof, problems are caused by water penetration through a variety of avenues such as cracks, joints and