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Apr , The vertical side flanges of the one piece foundation and side wall panels form reinforced colums and the space therebetween may be used as air ducts, and each said slab includes a direct application of another material on the exterior face thereof for facing, finishing, decorating or insulating said slab.

Nov , This application is a continuation in part of U.S patent application Ser While these prefabricated wall panels are superior to traditional block construction in terms of cost, performance and reliability, methods for connecting the panels to each other or to other building members are less than acceptable.

Apr , A removable highly secured high impact wall panel mounting system for mounting at least one wall panel having a front face, a rear face and at least one coverings such as wall paper, paint and nailed on wood or screwed on synthetic panels are used in many residential and commercial applications.

Apr , More particularly, the present disclosure relates to a movable wall panel system having a plurality of electrical connections and a method for installing electrical appliances thereon [] Operable walls or partitions, also known as movable wall panel systems, find useful applications in a variety of venues

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Apr , This low cost lightweight wall panel system is self containing and requires only one pour of concrete It requires no complicated form structure and less labor This application claims the benefit of provisional application EFS ID Application No , Confirmation No filed Aug.

Softwood plywood is typically used for structural sheathing applications where the panel is nailed to a wooden frame to create walls, roofs and floors Plywood has replaced solid wood in many applications because of its resistance to splitting, cracking and warping in addition to its cost effectiveness at covering large

Oct , There is disclosed an improved wall panel trim reveal system and method which utilizes a set of vertical, horizontal and corner trim pieces designed to be may not allow for proper moisture control, making wall panels vulnerable to premature wear and moisture damage when used for exterior applications.

May , The invention provides a dry joint wall panel attachment system, applying the rainscreen principle Application number, US , However, such systems can be difficult to install, relying on many components to be milled or adapted on site, and requiring excessive labour cost and specialty

Sep , The present invention is directed to wall and or ceiling panels () comprising a substrate panel () and a non woven material () disposed on the material by means of an adhesive of this type and thus such an adhesive is a cost effective alternative to the adhesives hitherto used in this field of application.

A panel wall assembly comprises rectangular panlike panels mounted close together side by side and end to end Retainers As far as installation costs are concerned, the assembly procedure is relatively inexpensive and can be accomplished relatively quickly Lighter gage panels can be used in interior applications.

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Aug , A clip for attaching and supporting wall panels to a building (such as for an exterior building envelope), a wall panel system, and systems and methods for supporting wall panels is provided This application claims priority pursuant to U.S.C (e) to U.S Provisional Patent Application Ser No.

An interior wall panel for buildings wherein a sheet has spaced hollow channels formed therein to receive electrical wires, switches and outlet box receptacles The cost of erecting prefabricated metal buildings is less than the cost of erecting buildings by conventional on site building techniques to provide a building of