above ground pools with retainiong walls

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Jul , A swimming pool includes a first end wall, a second end wall and a pair of side walls The swimming pool of claim , said coping also being positioned above said first end wall, said leading edge bar including a rearwardly facing wall having a shape which is complimentary to and mates with said coping

Jun , Cl Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Movable walls or dividers are particularly useful for dividing a swimming pool into different the length of a pool, in order to provide a standard length for competition swimming, or for reducing the depth by installing a second bottom above the

Apr , A versatile swimming pool coping having at least three horizontal securing channels which open inward to the pool when the coping is positioned at the top of a swimming pool wall for accommodating a plurality of accessories for the swimming pool The coping is contoured to provide a smooth transition at

A nonflooding perimeter skimming gutter for swimming pools is provided, including a first gutter conduit for disposition about the perimeter of a swimming pool, and adapted to carry water at a level below a predetermined level of water in the swimming pool, a retaining wall on the pool side of the first gutter conduit over the

Jun , Guest post provided by Landscape East West, an award winning full service landscape and design company based in Portland, OR Retaining walls are a popular landscape feature worldwide and are commonly used in the Pacific Northwest because of the wet weather, fault lines and hilly terrain.

EH Easily movable or transportable swimming pools mainly made of panels characterised by the framework for supporting the panels In a portable above ground rectangular swimming pool which can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled and having a plurality of side walls and resting on a

Jun , A perimeter skimming gutter for swimming pools is provided including a gutter conduit for disposition about the perimeter of a swimming pool and adapted to carry water at a level below a predetermined level of water in the swimming pool, a retaining wall on the pool side of the conduit, over the top of which

Aug , A swimming pool cover support system for maintaining the cleanliness of a pool during periods the pool is not in use includes at least one central support member, and a plurality of A cover is disposed over the central support member and support arms, and suspended thereby over the surface of the pool.

Apr , Terraced retaining walls built by the Incas at Machu Picchu are probably some of the most well known examples of this technique, dating back to the th Once the trench is level, large stones are placed at the base, followed by stones stacked like bricks in a one over two, two over one pattern, ensuring

Dec , Ground anchors are used to reinforce an in ground swimming pool shell, which may have sectional walls fastened to a concrete bottom or may be a is suspended from above in an earth excavation during construction and which rests on backfill in the final swimming pool construction, the shell having

The unique bracing of the present invention not only locates the panel assemblies in rigid interconnected relation but further provides for the formation of a platform in the above ground pool and for receiving ornamental outer panels that define the exterior of the aboveground pool wall ice Accordingly, it is an object of the

Jan , Heretofore, in swimming pools of the type described above, it has been proposed to incorporate in the wall construction a capability for varying the shapes and sizes of a swimming pool, according to the desires of the customer for whom the pool is being erected Various concepts have been disclosed for

Jun , The steep site and position of an existing pool left little space for a garage at the same level as the house, so the studio decided to hoist it above the garden Suspended garage by Hiboux Architecture It clings to a retaining wall that marks a six metre height difference between the position of the house and

There is provided a panel structure for the side walls of an inground pool, the panel having vertical lines of weakening formed therein permitting it to assume various arcuate configurations, both concave and convex This arrangement permits a single panel to be used for both straight and curved wall sections.

A swimming pool wall construction embodying the foregoing concept comprises a prefabricated wall and positioning truss structures arranged The border section , of the wall , can be formed of any material capable of molding to form a coping part , a border tile retaining part , and a stem part in the

This Old House landscaping contractor Roger Cook shows how to construct a wood timber retaining wall to create a play area Then, stake the timber in place by using a small sledgehammer to drive foot long rebar spikes through the holes and into the ground Pull the filter fabric over the stone covered pipe .

Jul , The present invention relates to vinyl lined swimming pool copings and provides an aluminum sub coping of the concrete receptor type in lower walls cooperating to define an inwardly extending liner bead retaining groove, said base plate being adapted to engage the top edge of a pool below its deck .

INVENTOR ATTORNEYS United States Patent ,, METHOD FQR ERECTING PRECAST RETAINING WALL John W Ramsey, constituting a precast concrete slab and the footingportion constituting a cast in situ concrete footing which extends a slight distance above the bottom face of the wall section .

Sep , A modular bonded perimeter skimming gutter retaining wall for swimming pools is provided for construction by simple bonding together of a plurality of the swimming pool, over the top of which wall water may flow from the pool into the gutter, the retaining wall comprising two generally U shaped channels

Nov , The present invention relates to a receptor apparatus for retaining the free edge of a vinyl liner swimming pool and for receiving and mounting a tile border within the pool cavity and around its waterline Such vinyl liner pools may be installed as above ground units or as more standard in ground units.

A nonflooding perimeter skimming gutter wall for swimming pools is provided, including a first gutter conduit for disposition about the perimeter of a swimming pool, and adapted to carry water at a level below a predetermined level of water in the swimming pool, a retaining wall on the pool side of the first gutter conduit over

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Another method in the past was to dry pack the sides by forming the wall with a rather coarse, pea gravel mixture of concrete which was built into a retaining wall by being thrown against the dirt sides by the shovel full This eliminated the use of forms but resulted in a thick porous wall which had to depend entirely on a finish

Aug , Various embodiments of a splash guard for a container, such as an above ground swimming pool, are disclosed The pool can have a base, and the outer pocket wall Together, the inner pocket wall, the outer pocket wall, and the crest section can define a loop for retaining the horizontal support member.

An outdoor swimming pool according to claim wherein said swimming pool includes a vertical wall extending above the ground for retaining the water a plurality of grommets spaced along the bottom edge of said flexible sheet a plurality of hooks spaced about the vertical wall of the pool and a continuous line extending