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Feb , London office building employs transitional forms to mediate between the varied heights of surrounding buildings Friars Bridge Court will provide a The lower portion of the building will be clad in a denser grain fa?ade expressed through the use of light colored brick The upper volume s facade will be a

May , To reconcile these two competing strategies, M Street provides hyper transparent, floor to ceiling glass, without view impeding mullions From the exterior, the panels appear scooped or concave, establishing that an all glass building can also have a high relief facade befitting of the nation s capitol.

May , The sheeting reduces of solar gain to the interior, yet retains the visual connectivity between office and exterior Specifically chosen for it s long life, lightweight and low maintenance properties, the permeable facade is punctuated by operable awning windows and louvres These combine with high

The prefabricated building panels and connectors include end posts that are square in cross section, and are used to form floors, walls, and roofs on site in finished form , to Wynn, shows a reinforced, insulated wall construction with tube liners for concrete that uses high compressive and side loading strengths

As the demand for high performance building systems increases and building codes become increasingly stringent, insulated metal wall panels provide a solution This reduces construction costs while ensuring exceptional thermal performance for greater comfort and energy savings The exterior of the Alford Inn.

Oct , Over time however, this area of downtown Philadelphia was neglected, leaving many mid rise buildings in a state of disrepair The architect chose to use the Illumination series Cayenne fiber cement panels as accent pieces in the raised courtyard and green roof, as it closely matches the small amount of

May , Yet another feature that evokes the high tech legacy of the site is a dramatic two story reinforced fiber cement panel that dominates the leasing office lobby The Architects Orange team took its inspiration for this feature from the iconic IBM punch (or punched) cards that early programmers used to encode

Sep , The architects used computers to generate the faceted aluminium form, then added a floral pattern to soften the appearance Dear Ginza by Amano Design Office In the neighbourhood of mostly modernist architecture with horizontal and vertical or geometric shapes, the building has a proper feeling of

Mar , These modern apartments have many building systems and are set up like high rise structures Typically, the leasing offices are in the lobby, as is the annunciator panel for the building systems and access to all other parts of the structure Depending on the design, there is generally only one entrance per

Star Buildings insulated metal panels are an ideal continuous insulation system There are numerous appearance choices available, but they all have certain performance properties in common The panels are constructed of a layer of high performance foam insulation, sandwiched between two sheets of weather coated

Sep , The improved building panel unit defined in claim wherein the panel structure surface includes a relief design in its exterior surface to enhance its thinner GFRC wall in GFRC panels which results in lighter weight panels, they have become attractive for fabricating cladding on high rise office buildings.

Dec , A structural system of cross laminated timber (CLT) panel walls and floors was chosen for being locally sourced with a high level of carbon sequestration CLT represents a significant reduction in embodied CO compared to a traditional concrete or steel frame The building exterior and insulated shutters

Using combinations of timber, plaster, bamboo, glass and concrete, they shoot up straight in large vertical panels, slither into long horizontal levels, and criss cross This modern building, resplendent with a tall concrete column, slatted wall of blinds and vertical glass panes matches its grey to a rock entrance and stairway.

The decision to use metal as the primary exterior fa?ade material was made fairly early in the design process As soon as we knew we wanted the building to be colorful, metal became the obvious choice for the exterior, Lubetz said We had an extremely minimal budget for the project PAC CLAD corrugated metal would

May , Modeling suggests users will only need to use the building s electrical lighting days out of the year Second floor skylights provide additional natural light, while exterior horizontal and vertical aluminum shades reduce heat gain and mitigate glare Super insulated exterior metal panel system with high

Even metal panels can be difficult, as they need to be sealed to one another to create a waterproof surface, but are at risk of the sealants becoming A rainscreen uses an exterior surface a cladding layer to break the force of sideways, wind driven water movement, so that any water that gets through the small breaches

May , of the building The load bearing Structural eXterior Enclosure concept reduces the amount of steel framing required in a high rise tower When I was a design director at a previous firm, I had hoped to use a preliminary version of this idea on a speculative office building That didn t pan out, but it is so

Oct , In order to make the existing office buildings feel like a school environment for young children, the exterior glass, sign bands, and soffit panels were removed and the buildings were clad with vertical perforated multi colored translucent resin panels The outdoor classrooms use the same resin panels for

Nov , The center of the building is open all the way through to allow for natural light to reach each center bordering office The use of precast concrete panels made from recycled and recyclable content to enhance energy efficiency with their dense mass proved to play a big role in helping the building achieve

Apr , Completed in in Leawood, United StatesA developer wanted to design a speculative office building in Johnson County to attract high tech companies office building has a simple, rectangular floor plan within a concrete structure that features an all glass enclosure with a carefully positioned exterior

Feb , Here is a photo walkthrough of the building The story Lakeside building is the center of the campus Warrior Way links the Lakeside and the Hillside buildings, and opens up onto an outdoor plaza that can be used for assemblies and socializing The new Hillside annex is connected to the Lakeside

Oct , Characterized by its high strength to weight ratio, this lightweight material is expensive, and only rarely used as an exterior building material, which is why it was not originally considered for the museum Exactly , titanium panels make up the iconic facade of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao The story

Feb , That trend coincides with the growing popularity of interior glass for offices construction and renovation Glass is being used to reduce space but Stantec has installed glass panels up to feet tall, but thicker glass is needed for heights greater than nine feet Acoustical and privacy concerns also come

Oct , The PowerHouse Kj?rbo, an office building outside of Oslo designed by Sn?hetta, was designed to produce not only more energy than it needs from its solar panels, but generates more energy than what was used for the production of building materials, its construction, operation and disposal It actually

Mar , SIPs are a high performance building system where the interior structural portion of the wall is assembled like an ice cream sandwich using a layer of oriented On site, the method of identifying the panels is definitely old school a fat magic marker with the panel tag written on the exterior face.

Jul , For decades, modern office buildings have been pretty much covered in glass curtain walls Some are high performance and very expensive, like the super green LEED Platinum Bank of America Building at But there is a high environmental cost to all that glitter increased energy consumption.