pvc wall panel composite design

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

May , Architecturally pleasing, thin decorative facing panels are attached to plastic blocks which have hollow spaces to be filled with gravel or the like As disclosed in the aforesaid patent application, these decorative retaining wall blocks of masonry material provide a great deal of flexibility in design with the

May , , A and B, the elevator cab is constructed from a plastic or composite wall structure that includes a plurality of panel sections and at least one integrally attached flexible hinge seam capable of being elastically deformed The wall structure has a multi layer cross section which is formed by

May , A modular oven wall panel as recited in claim wherein a pair of sealing strips are positioned to opposite sides of said heat dissipation apertures U.S Design Pat No D, to the assignee of the present application, RAYPAUL Industries, is directed at a design for a screen print curing oven.

Aug , Composite vehicle body having sandwich panels integrally formed with frame parts to form individual body modules which are connected to other cost, individually made body modules which are designed in integral construction as a sandwich structure with support frame parts inserted in the region of the