composite polymer drainage screen

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Feb , A drainage mat and mortar blocker system including a panel and polymeric drainage mat which includes protrusions on the front side and The air space, bewteen the masonry cavity wall and the interior wythe, contains board insulation to which is attached a polymeric fluiding conducting mesh The mesh

Nov , The fabrication method of claim wherein a polymer matrix composite is selected from the group of reactive matrix composites producing volatiles during Accordingly, the present invention provides a double vacuum bag (DVB) fabrication technique for fabricating composites with polymer resin matrices,

Mar , Polymer concrete is a term that applies to a variety of composites of polymer and concrete or aggregate, for example Furthermore, a monolithic casting allows for the incorporation of the necessary hardware such as plumbing drains, plugs, inlets, outlets, and overflows, which can reduce and or eliminate

Aug , A modular insert for curb inlet storm drains creates a composite collection system for trash and for oil or other hydrocarbons and related chemicals A hopper As trash accumulates in basket , the trash items thereby collected act as a secondary screen for new items in the mixed flow Basket is

Apr , Subsoil drain strip or blanket comprising a core () surrounded by a polymer or glass fibre filter cloth () The core () has a generally planar configuration with formed in projections on one or both sides which create internal volume for flow of water as well as supporting the filter cloth () against

Reinforced polymer composites having a uniform mix of fiber, polymer and binder and having good physical properties are prepared by forming dilute aqueous slurries of a solid heat fusible organic polymer, a reinforcing material and a bound The water drains from the slurry through the screen usually assisted by suction.

Aug , Conductive ink formulations comprising a conductive polymer, metallic nanoparticles and a carrier are described The formulations are printable on a surface, and annealed to form source and drain electrodes.

Jul , A roof system designed to retain water during storms and release it slowly over a period of time includes a polymeric water impervious membrane covered with a drainage board in turn covered with a water retention mat The water retention mat and drainage board are held in position by ballast, preferably

Mar , A headwall structure constructed of lightweight reinforced composite and incorporating a rigid polymer concrete core in selected portions, for use with standard culvert or drainage pipes in infrastructure water management systems in substitution for conventional concrete headwalls The headwall structure

Dec , The kink resistant multi purpose drainage catheter of claim wherein the tubular substrate comprises a soft plastic elastomer one example of the kink resistant tubing used in the drainage catheter of the invention with a cross sectional view of the thin wall incorporating a composite fiber reinforcement.

Oct , Assemblies, systems, and methods for vacuum assisted internal drainage during wound healing B ), the silicone or plastic tubing is detached from absorbable mesh structure (or the absorbable housing enclosing the absorbable mesh structure) and removed, leaving the absorbable mesh

May , One embodiment of the present disclosure relates to a cementitious composite material for in situ hydration having a mesh layer including a first side, composites may include the following low to high flow channels, open channel water conveyance canals, irrigation and drainage ditches, swales,

Nov , A method is provided for preparing electrically conductive polymer and cellulose nanocomposite particles and nanocomposite materials Cellulose microparticles coated with a conductive polymer are added to an acid solution for initiating an acid hydrolysis reaction for a prescribed time interval to form

Dec , The corporeal drainage system according to claim , wherein the disposable fluid receptacle comprises a bottle including a plurality of spaced apart rigid sides and collapsible US, May , , Sep , , Interventional Technologies Inc Catheter balloon formed from a polymeric composite.

Feb , DWV pattern fittings are also used to plumb, as drains for roof and floor, in industrial processes, in institutional settings, and in commercial waste systems DWV fittings for handling non corrosive waste have been constructed of many materials clay, iron, copper, ABS plastic, and PVC plastic DWV fittings

Jul , The Laska patent discloses an insulated cuspated sheet of plastic for use in providing open drainage paths behind masonry walls The Tonyan patent discloses a weather resistive membrane having an attached mesh material which provides open spaces for the flow of moisture downwardly within a wall

The gutter guard includes an elongate polymer guard panel defining a plurality of spaced filter openings The guard panel is adapted to extend laterally across the opening of the gutter and longitudinally along the length of the gutter A polymer coated mesh layer overlies the guard panel in an area of the filter openings and

May , The invention is also directed to polymeric films and supercapacitors comprising the inherently conductive polymer solution processible ICPs based on conductive polymers which may be directly spin coated, spray coated, d down coated, drop cast or screen printed onto a variety of substrates.

Jan , More specifically, an economical and reliable method is needed for reducing the paper and moisture contents of such plastic coating waste to acceptable levels, preferably from about to about weight percent cellulosic fiber and less than about weight water for composites, and less for film and

Apr , The subslab is necessary to prevent the buoyancy of the drainage channel sections in the wet concrete from causing the sections to float out of position and become misaligned Once the concrete has set, it is normally desirable to finish the trench with a trench cover, such as an elongate grate covering its

Process for manufacturing mica sheet composites US A Abstract Mica is ground dry to yield finely divided mica particles prior to forming a sheet A single sheet of uniform thickness is formed at one time by pouring a colloid mixture of the ground mica, water and a colloid agent onto a mesh screen Vacuum means

Apr , A composite liquid filtration platform including a composite filtration medium featuring an electrospun polymeric nanofiber layer collected on a porous membrane When in use, the Pleated membrane cartridges usually include non woven materials as a drainage layer (for example, see U.S Pat Nos.

Jul , One attempt at providing a composite material including leather and a polymeric binder is disclosed in U.S Patent No ,, Retention and Drainage Aids These additives can be added to control the aggregate size of the fiber filler flocculant formed in wet end processes They can assist in the