4 foot high horizontal wood fence sections kenya

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Feb , Comments () Jim Johnson Funny February , at pm shibby I used to be a nomad adventurer like yourself, until I took an arrow to the knee February , at pm Cameron Turner Ha ha! I love it Ed Your post is the best product of Ole Pruneface s genome to date Of course it will

Oct , This was an isolated example, but such horizontal gene transfers are fairly commonplace When Chris Our bodies turn out to be hotbeds of horizontal transfers Even those that live in the gums, for example, are more likely to swap genes with other gum species than those from elsewhere in the mouth.

May , Marci Rosenberg, a high school student, helped her to sift through all the samples, meticulously counting the attached eggs She worked though samples from The eggs provide food for ocean animals like crabs and fish, but the skaters also eat plankton and fish eggs We don t really know the effect of

Nov , It s almost as accurate as the average humans at separate tasks and, rather delightfully, reproduces many of our strange quirks like the tendency to remember items at the start and end of a list I ve written about Spaun for Nature News Head over there for more CATEGORIZED UNDER Neuroscience

May , We re looking at the most common forms of life on this planet, and we know almost nothing about them, said Hans R?y, who has been studying them for many years Now, R?y has finally measured just how slow their metabolism really is I ve written about this discovery for The Scientist, so head over there

May , For the small hive beetle, breaking and entering into the hive of stingless bees carries a far harsher sentence being mummified alive in a sticky tomb of wax, mud Sadly it was concluded that the impact of high voltage power lines on insect populations was minimal and the work was never followed up (.

Oct , Their goal is to create a high performance brain controlled prosthetic device that enables patients to finally leave the wheelchair behind. But for the moment, it s still all about monkeys Nicolelis has spent the last few years developing ever better brain machine interfaces devices that allow individuals to

Aug , In humans, REM sleep is said to be important for strengthening memories and boosting creativity Did these or other REM related skills play a role in the early evolution of birds and mammals Reference Lesku, J Meyer, L Fuller, A Maloney, S Dell Omo, G Vyssotski, A Rattenborg, N .

Jul , Within these prisons, the MMR vaccine and two common antibiotics were still viable after months at high temperature Matt Cottingham, a vaccine specialist from the University of Oxford, says, The stability is amazing No one s even come close to that It s certainly better than anything else that s currently

Aug , Neither factor bodes well for their future, but which presents them with the greatest risk of extinction This isn t just an academic question It s one with real consequences for conservation, and affects whether breeding programmes should just focus on raising more cheetahs, or should carefully mix and

Dec , A terrific piece by AV Flox, on sexism, life for women, and how she just wants to go for a walk.Also why An old post by Chris Rowan but well worth your time Million Feet upon the stair Chris Rowan said, For Earth, Himalayas about it any higher and they collapse under their own weight. How did

Oct , Science writer Ed Yong will talk about how this tension affects the conduct of science, its communication in the mainstream press, and how the internet is changing things for the better Tamsin Edwards graciously tweeted and Storifyed some salient points, but the full audio of the talk is now available.

Nov , These fish may be disproportionately important for their tiny size By guarding their corals, they ensure that hundreds of other reef dwellers have stable homes It s perhaps no surprise that reefs in marine protected areas, where fishing is verboten, tend to have more grazing fish, higher densities of coral, and

Nov , And yet, with a hundred times fewer neurons, the wasp can fly, search for food, and find the right places to lay its eggs On top of that Polilov Thrips , according to Wikipedia, is Greek for wood louse , whereas their order denomination Thysanoptera means fringe winged December , at am.

Feb , This could cause problems for scientists who study animal evolution But the challenges and the stakes are even higher when human DNA contaminates human samples This might seem odd, but consider that we ll soon reach a point when individual people can have their genomes sequenced cheaply.

Dec , For new readers, this collection of missing links rounds up fascinating stuff I find around the internet, and appears every Saturday It s separated into Top Picks (the best stuff), Science News Writing (science writing), Heh Wow Huh (silliness, satire, photos, videos), and Journalism Internet Society (a

Nov , Male and female marsh harriers should be easy to tell apart the males have grey wing tips and tails, while the females are mostly brown with distinctive creamy heads The males also tend to be around percent smaller But looks can be deceptive In western France, many of the female harriers are

Oct , March of the titans fossil teeth show dinosaurs heading for the hills The most obvious high terrain lies in the volcanic mountains to the west If that s where This suggests that as the tooth was created, the animal moved from the basin into the highland regions, probably over the course of months.

By Ed Yong December , am Share If you want to preserve your body so that scientists will dig it up millions of years from now, there are a few standard ways of doing it You could get buried in sediment, so your bones and other hard tissues turn into stony fossils You could get trapped in the sap of a tree,

Dec , Burrows collected some of the individuals from the pond, and took them back to the lab to film them with high speed cameras When they take off, they often spin head over tail, but what they lack in elegance they make up for in distance They can jump over metres, more than times their own body

Apr , Scientists have identified parts of the brain that are important for magnetoreception, but no one has managed to nail down the actual neurons responsible for Hi Ed, Thanks for your reply I was wondering more about whales, dolphins and porpoises Do they use the Earth s magnetism With pigeons, is it

Nov , The Romans lived in one of the most stratified societies in history Around of the population controlled the government, military, economy and religion Through the writings and possessions they left behind, these rich, upper class men are also responsible for most of our information about Roman life.

Oct , Others, like desert ants, can spend three quarters of their foraging time on high grass stalks, trying to keep off the hot ground But the dung beetle has what Smolka calls a mobile thermal refuge, and it s more resilient for it By pushing its cool ball of tasty faeces, it can walk in a straight line over featureless

Mar , But there s an alternative theory Australia s climate had been drying out for a long time, forcing the large animals to the edge of extinction Humans merely nudged them off Or perhaps, humans and a changing climate were equally culpable None of these competing explanations has gained a clear upper

Nov , While the smashers actively search for prey to beat into submission, the spearers are ambush hunters They hide in burrows and wait to impale long, but they can grow to She teased her spearers with frozen shrimps, and filmed them with high speed cameras as they launched out of their burrows.

Jan , Its hand bone (the metacarpal) was massive, curved and inflated perfect for inflicting strong blows It sat at the end of a long handle , made up of the wrist and the forearm perfect for creating a fast swing The metacarpal is also hollow, just like many baseball bats are, allowing it to produce a stronger

Apr , The salamander gets away with it for two possible reasons Firstly, the algae invade before its immune system has fully developed Secondly, salamanders have strangely inefficient immune systems This might account for their incredible ability to regenerate lost body parts, but it could also mean that they