tropical climate floor wall panel

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Dec , From the Caribbean to the South Pacific, Houzz features some dream worthy tropical homes and gardens We ve selected five of these gardens that are not only beautiful, but also offer inspiration for bringing a bit of the tropics to your own backyard Gardeners in temperate and subtropical climates

Buildings that are passively designed take advantage of natural climate to maintain thermal comfort Passive Well designed building envelopes (the roof, walls, windows, floors and internal walls of buildings) maximize cooling air movement and exclude sun Basic principles of passive cooling design for tropical climates

Mar , Vietnam have tropical climate, the dry season have high temperature with the prolonged swelter The light is gather from two sides of the house, mostly go through the vines, the water, the walls with many pore slots and aluminum trellis systems into the house the light also comes from the top down from

May , Finnish architecture firm Pluspuu Oy designed the Log Villa house in Finland as an energy efficient modern residence for cold climates that offers optimal living The light filled interior is lined with timber treated with white wood wax and special batten wall panels, while clinker is used for the floors.

Sep , Ceilings retract and glazed walls swing open to connect intimate indoor spaces with courtyards, terraces and gardens in these modern residences Taking advantage of Singapore s warm, humid climate, the tropical residence blends traditional Singaporean architectural typologies with modern aesthetics.

Aug , That s the idea behind these open air houses, which utilize either sliding panels, garage doors or permanently perforated screens to take advantage of The floor plan of this tropical home is organized around a central patio and the exterior walls are actually perforated wooden screens, which take

May , The floor above has a more simple rectilinear form that overhangs the walls of the floor below to help channel rainwater away from the base of the building Trimmed Reform House Indonesia by SUB Being a house that is built in a tropical climate, it requires large overhangs to prevent rainwater from

Sep , Modernist architects working in tropical climates are increasingly designing homes where you can t tell if you re indoors or outdoors the upper floors of the studio s Casa Cubo appear to levitate above the open ground floor space and they ve completed a project with sliding latticed timber panels as well.

Jun , Completed in in Long Thành District, Vietnam Images by Trieu Chien This small house is located in a new residential area in Long Thanh District The owner is a newlywed with the desire of having their own house .

Apr , Tropical House Camarim Arquitectos Floors Landscapes totally diverse in use and means of approaching nature For the wall, we produced precast perforated concrete panels that d textures of light and shadow from the nearby foliage, and allow for a diaphanous, circumscribed glance of the

Aug , The concept of the house is to accommodate two different lifestyles in a tropical climate, said the architects Binh Thanh House by Vo Trong Nghia and Sanuki Nishizawa The second and fourth floors have glazed facades that slide open, bringing natural light and cross ventilation through a pair of family

Dec , The United States will commit more than million a year to financing climate adaptation efforts in developing countries, Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Wednesday Kerry, speaking at the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris, also said the U.S will join a coalition pushing

Jan , Text description provided by the architects This typical storey plus roof terrace inter terrace residential unit aims to demonstrate a New Sustainable Residential Typology for Landed Houses acclimatised to the Tropical Climate of Singapore The architecture is driven by the principles of passive design and

Dec , Completed in in Bien Hoa, Images by Hiroyuki Oki According to the statistics, the quantity of total housing area in Vietnam has been increased tenfold in the last decade However, many families are

Aug , Thailand s tropical climate is hard on its buildings, and each year floods damage or destroy hundreds of homes In , the Solar Decathlon Europe By not using thick, static walls, ceilings and floors, the home can adapt, in order to make it as efficient as possible The movable parts of the buildings are

Oct , On the ground floor, two of the four bedrooms feature sliding panels so that the corners can be opened up to a central courtyard style space where a small tree is Inward looking designs and gardens are especially relevant for urban homes in tropical climates, where the lack of space and harsh heat make

Feb , Of course, because the project in located in South Vietnam, T adapted the European design to the tropical climate, to make it comfortable for Customers We also decided to paint corners with red and yellow colors from Belgium flag to break the perspective and create special effect with floor, wall and

Sep , There are three layers to the facade of this office block in Rio de Janeiro a window wall, a screen of plants, and a thick lattice of perforated metal Both the noisy setting and the tropical climate led the architects to design a facade that functions as a filter for sound and sunlight, helping to create a

Sep , The house bears the imprints of two cultures that are rooted in two disparate geographies and climates the oceanic Tropical and the mountainous Alpine Vertical striations of the cement plastered facades, wooden wall panels and wooden slats make reference to the forests of Pranburi and those of the

Mar , Bioclimatic issue (responding to the tropical climate) can be seen on the usage of perforated panel wall materials on most part of the house With these customized panels, the and socializing with each other The communal spaces are on the first floor with open roof and another one on the top floor.

Jul , Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up within the iconic pink walls at La Muralla Roja Or, you could finally swim in the rooftop pool atop

Nov , The envelope of the house is composed of a polycarbonate panel wall and corrugated FRP panel roof, and bamboo louvers are set inside of it Both materials are available Translucent envelope and bamboo louvers filter harsh direct sunshine in the tropical climate The interior is filled with diffused light

Nov , Without tackling carbon dioxide emissions, we cannot tackle climate change and keep temperature increases to below oC above the pre industrial era fast onsite construction, with good potential for airtightness and a robust wall and floor structure suitable for most finishes internally and externally.