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Mar , Curtain walls typically consist of glass panels defining a major portion of the exterior surface of the building, with structural members separating the glass panels A type of curtain wall is known as VEC facade, or structural glazing, and is characterized by the absence of exposed fastener devices between

Composite curtain walls have been widely used in substitution for brick and masonry to provide decorative and functional building facades is an enlarged, fragmentary, perspective view partially in section, showing the reception of a rail extremity within a mullion channel for supporting an insulating panel FIG is an

Feb , Materials such as Moldite, manufactured by Moldite Technologies of Novi, Michigan are one such product U.S Pat Nos ,, ,, and ,, describe curtain wall systems and panel securing systems for creating the exterior surface of a multiple story building The disclosures of the

Jan , The system uses the structural transoms or horizontal glazing members to direct rainwater falling on the glazing panels into the vertical mullions, and from there downwards into a basement collection system as with a) locating one or more channels horizontally across a vertical facade of the building .

and a) may include a solid curtain wall panel (in phantom) and a glass wall panel (in phantom) supported by curtain wall framing Such framing includes laterally spaced vertical mullions each formed of adjoining mullion members and arranged in a column and vertically spaced horizontal channel members

An additional object of this invention is to disclose a framework attachment for a modular curtain wall panel comprising a resilient rim fastened about a central window in which the framework is attached to an edge of the building floor and the curtain wall is affixed to the framework by attachment of the rim only at points

Oct , A glazed curtain wall construction for a commercial building is composed of a multiplicity of glass window units and glass panel units which are supported in stacked relationship by a series of vertical columns or mullions Each unit is rectangular in configuration being composed of a header, a sill and a pair

Nov , The invention uses rigid panels which cover the face of a building like a curtain wall system, providing a complete gasketed seal without the need for caulking as in The unitized exterior cladding system of claim , wherein said panels comprise a material selected from the group consisting of vision glass,

Aug , Curtain walls are typically constructed of extruded aluminum frame support members having generally U shaped channels for supporting a plurality of panel members that serve as the exterior of a building Such panel members are most often panes of glass, but other paneled building materials such as

Disclosed is a connecting system for connecting wall panels to the support frame, and more particularly to the rigid corner support posts of a support frame, of a modular building unit EC Building elements of relatively thin form for the construction of parts of buildings, e.g sheet materials, slabs, or panels E FIXED

Apr , The panels and mullions of a curtain wall are attached to the frame of the building enclosed by the curtain wall with anchors which permit the frame to shift horizontally This invention relates in general to building cladding materials, such as curtain walls, and more particularly to anchors for curtain walls.

A glazing gasket construction for a curtain wall installation which secures the glass in place within a rigid structural form and thermally separates all structural members strip with a planar outer face having one edge extending over the adjacent window pane and the second edge over the structural support of the building.

Jun , a central portion extending in the first direction, the central portion having a grooved channel configured to receive a fastener and two flange portions, The MCP system employs panels made of aluminum composite material (ACM) as components of an exterior curtain wall or facade of a building.

Dec , A curtain wall unit includes a frame composed of a casting material, which define at least one infill area for receiving and retaining an infill element, and a The present invention relates to building construction, and more particularly a curtain wall unit that is used in the assembly of curtain walls, and a

Feb , History of Related Art Curtain wall systems are well known in the building industry and generally incorporate a plurality of vertical and horizontal load bearing members designed for the support of panels which are both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing Oftentimes the panels are glass, providing a

Mar , A unitized curtain wall unit is adapted to incorporate power generating elements within an exterior shell or fa?ade of a building structure Photovoltaic Panels for a wall system application, these are preferably glazable PV panelsand so can be thought of as a direct material replacement for the opaque

A curtain wall structure assembled from modular frame assemblies and having an improved four corner joint construction of more than adequate said adjacent head rails each presenting spaced apart outboard and inboard upstanding walls defining an alignment channel extending parallel with said head rails .

The ventical edges of the panel or sheet material employed in the spandrel are in sealed engagement with the mullions and along the foundation and the roof of the curtain wall assembly affording a water tight and weather tight construction The mullions , sills and heads , as well as various other elements of

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a curtain wall panel bracket leveling system that facilitates leveling a panel bracket mounted to a fixture (such as an embedment or an anchor array) cast in a Uneven curtain wall panels create leaks, broken glass, and result in an unappealing building fa?ade.

The framing members include longitudinal grooves which define panel supporting channels in the bay frames, or which retain longitudinal stops defining alternative panel supporting , granted May , I l relate to curtain wall structures suitable for use as building facades or as exterior or interior walls.

Mar , A curtain wall generally includes a plurality of juxtaposed panels secured to a supporting framework and which together often form an exterior wall of a building Each panel can be made of one or more materials, such as glass, metal, stone and many others, depending on the desired architectural aspect

Each individual frame can receive glazing, structural panels, window sash, door frames and the like and can be combined with masonry construction for pleasing FIGURE is a cross section view taken along the line iii of FIGURE lshowing a corner juncture between two facades employing the present curtain wall .

Jan , A temporary glazing panel retainer is disclosed for use in a glazed panel wall construction The glazing panel retainer A glazing clip, usually comprised of a thermally insulating material, engages the channel in the front face of the frame member and projects outwardly therefrom The snap on cover

(Cl ) The present invention relates to wall structures and more particularly to a method of sealing curtain wall structures comprised of prefabricated panels containing structural hollow glass blocks or cells, other light transmitting materials, or opaque sheets of building materials The invention broadly relates to the

Jan , A sloped curtain wall structure for buildings comprises an elongated, horizontal sill including a bottom wall and at least one upstanding side wall forming a gutter at least one rafter sloping upwardly of said sill and including a gutter and a glazing pocket for receiving an edge portion of a glazing panel, and.