alternative polyethylene fence panels

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Each of the left and right panels have apertures therein for receiving hardware to secure each panel to the fixed structure The method comprises steps of securing a plurality of ballast filled hollow plastic barrier modules together in an axial array and securing one end of a transition barrier module to one end of the array

is a side elevational view of the protective cover according to an alternative embodiment of the present invention in use on a reinforcing bar DETAILED Cap and collar assembly is preferably made out of a resiliently deformable, plastic material such as heavy duty polyethylene plastic The material used for cap and

Sep , Chad Greathouse Common in horse country and cattle farms, fence strainers are designed to allow water to flow through but not solid objects Training often focuses on One alternative is to use ? inch nylon rescue ropes, which are stronger and easier to grip, instead of throw bags But nylon ropes do not

In FIG is seen a generally rectangular blank which may be a blank cut from corrugated cardboard, rigid plastic or the like In yet another alternative embodiment, the blank may be formed of a more rigid material such as plywood, and have panels cut from the blank in the general diagram or pattern as seen in FIG.

Feb , is a side elevation view of an alternative embodiment of a lug loader constructed according to the present invention When the control system receives a signal from positioning sensor indicating that a block is in position against the fence, it actuates cylinder to raise belt , thereby releasing

Apr , There are several arsenic free wood pressure treatment alternatives to CCA already on the market including ACQ, Borates, Copper Azole, There are many types of less toxic alternatives to CCA treated wood such as plastic lumber, metal, wood which is naturally resistant to insects and decay, and wood

However, such devices themselves have many d backs, including high unit cost, the use of hard plastic components (which can lead to patient discomfort), Panel B shows an alternative embodiment of a securement device that includes a adaptive retainer that has first and second anchors (, ) and a

The smooth, slippery finish may be formed while fabricating the board , or alternatively, a slippery, smooth finish may be achieved by adhering or laminating one or more sheets to one or both of the surface of sides , of the board The sheets may comprise a thin plastic, polyethylene, polystyrene, vinyl material,

In one aspect of the invention, the plastic film surrounding the foam piece is heat shrunk is an end view of concrete forms and form liners comprising an alternative embodiment of the invention More particularly, the first and second sheets of plastic film overlap to cover at least one edge of the foam piece .

Mar , One embodiment employs a polyethylene facing panel backed by a plywood panel, with both supported by upright tubing sections anchored to perimeter concrete Horizontal channel An alternative embodiment dasher board section includes a transparent facing panel secured by a framework of battens.

An entanglement obstacle for obstructing an area of a surface includes a mesh layer suspended over upright perimeter members via a perimeter cable and over upright central members via a central cable The upright members are operatively attached to the surface The perimeter cable is operatively attached to the

Feb , d) one or more fasteners comprising two or more strips of plastic sheet wherein at least one strip provides loops and at least one strip provides flexible In further embodiments, magnetic shield side panels are added to the inside of the pouch to protect the sides of the pouch and or with a top panel as

Such ripping may also occur in vinyl or polyethylene panels of a cover under certain stress conditions Bulk storage pile covers In an alternate embodiment, a plurality of webbing straps may be provided is a front view of an alternative embodiment of a storage tarpaulin and retaining wall with angle iron braces FIG.

Although the door skins , are shown as six panel substantially rectangular door panels, it should be understood that the door skins may possess single panel or alternative multi panel designs, different shapes and configurations, and other appearances Alternatively, the door skins , may have the appearance of

Feb , The building has its major components preferably made of twin sheets of plastic resin, each sheet formed to define different inner and outer surfaces H is a cross sectional view taken along line DD of FIG.A showing an alternate embodiment of the living hinge before assembly FIG I is a

A panel of pocket includes a window Also, bag includes a window revealing contents of bag Window can include a see through material or an open aperture FIG shows window including a transparent material such as a plastic as a see through material Window could

Feb , The modular pole system for light fixtures of the present invention combines an external ornamental lighting standard which is plastic, the plastic being molded to color is an elevation view of the support pole and an alternative slip over cover design US, Feb , , Base for fence posts.

Further, because the fence comprises independent panels connected by pin connections, any panel or pair of adjacent fence panels can be converted into a gate by removal of a pin connector at ,,) claims an H shaped post and plastic foam filled, plastic, rectangular rails which fit into the slots of the H posts.

Another polyethylene layer may be applied but these layers do not form a bond with the thin PVB layers and may be removed during subsequent processing , during a typical production process for a laminated glazing, PVB sheet material is relaxed for hours and arranged in a stack (step ) of sheets cut to the

More particularly, an object of this invention is to provide companion plastic sealing and ventilation window modules which are injection molded to create a unitary window structure having a pane configuration that defines the operating characteristics of the module Hence the main difference between the companion

Aug , In other aspects, the invention provides an alternative to use of post weakening mechanisms which results in savings of costs In operation, terminal assemblies Stationary impact attenuation system US, Feb , , Mar , , Feller Duane D, Plastic fence post bottom repair device.

Mar , Its applications range from small objects like fence posts to roads, dams, and other massive structures The key to concrete s wide Thus, a need exists for alternatives to precast or cast on site concrete floor slabs and structures for walls, and roofs and other relatively flat structures SUMMARY OF THE

The door may be configured from any suitable material as will be apparent to one of ordinary skill in the art such as a polymer, polyethylene, metal, stainless steel, ceramic, composite material, and or glass Door may include a solid sheet of material or a plurality of sheets of material [] Versions of the door

An alternative target is shown in FIG Target utilizes a silhouette bonded to the front surface of a sheet Sheet can be formed of paper or other material such as plastic or the like Use of paper as a supporting sheet enables background graphics to be used in conjunction with the silhouette The backing

Particularly in buildings where there is a high risk of vandalism, plastic sheets may be used instead of glass in the manufacture of the sealed units However, these efforts to substitute conventional thermoplastic materials have not proved to be successful as plastics are generally unsuitable as materials for manufacturing

is a bottom plan view of the alternative water trough of FIG DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS The subject invention is a table optimized for playing games involving beverages in lightweight cups and lightweight balls Usually, players will use oz plastic cups available at any grocery