fiber board for light weight grouting panel

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Aug , DE A ,, discloses a trough shaped shuttering body or element of glass fibre reinforced concrete for making ribbed or cross ribbed structures of is a top view of an element, in which filler bodies have been removed from some of the squares, placed in readiness for grouting or casting, FIG is a

Dec , Particles and proteins from the core mix penetrate, migrate into and fill interstitial spaces in the cement board, forming a strong, continuous and the fiber foam cement materials of the core of a wall, beam, girder, panel or other structure form a rigid, lightweight closed cell foam cement composite made of

Apr , Light weight structural wall panels are made of two layers of load bearing skins, separated by a light weight concrete, using expanded materials such as Perlite, The load bearing skins, which are sprayed into a mold, are made of glass fiber, sand and cement matrix in different thickness and mix ratios.

Dec , The method of claim , wherein the cellulose fibers comprise about to by weight of the fiber reinforced cement composite material Description Fiber reinforced composite materials have been used to form various building products such as building sheets, panels, planks and roofing material.

Certain hard core materials, such as high density fiberboard (HDF), can make the conventional printing processes of the bevel surface cumbersome and not applicable for decorating grout, mortar and border areas of a plank tile which have the recessed areas away from the edge, such as in the middle of the panel and or

Feb , The non load bearing panels comprise a pair of fiber cement boards sandwiching a polystyrene core The idea of placing a lightweight core in the center of a reinforcing matrix which would have sufficient connectivity between the outer surfaces to allow the forces to pass back and forth between each

More particularly the invention relates to a precast panel of cement and aggregate preferably the lightweight type, and reinforced with a skin membrane of In the construction of building walls extensive use is made of preformed panels or sheets such as fiber board, plasterboard, foamed plastic paper laminates, and

Sep , As designed, the weight or gauge of the edge members necessary to sustain all normal loads which might be experienced in building constructions will be found to be light enough to be sawed by a saw of the ordinary hack type This lends flexibility to the application of the units as they may be sawed to fit

A cementitious board system which is reinforced on its opposed surfaces by an improved glass fiber mesh scrim with thicker yarn and larger mesh openings [] cement backer board comprising a core layer of lightweight concrete panel having two faces each bonded to the core layer is covered with a

Dec , A lightweight ready mix concrete composition that contains ( ) volume percent cement, ( ) volume percent sand, ( ) volume percent prepuff ,, discloses lightweight compositions for structural units such as wallboard panels and the like, which contain low density expandable

In order to improve the adherence of the facing to the foam block, a wire mesh such as hardware cloth or chicken wire may be embedded in the grout Once the wing nut has been removed from the retaining rod , the top panel may be lifted off the remaining components of the mold , and the side plates ,

Natural fiber containing cement compositions for cementing wellbores in high stress and high temperature environments In one embodiment, it is functional over a temperature range of at least from about ° C to about ° C It may be employed in foamed lightweight, normal and or heavyweight cement designs Among

Jun , An ettringite producing hydraulic cement, especially adapted to the high speed production of carbon dioxide resistant cement board, produces ,, (Dinkel) teaches a pre cast, lightweight concrete panel having a cellular core, a thin, high density layer on each face, and a layer of fiber mesh

Mar , Any of several methods may be used to vary the density, including the addition of foam or the use of lightweight fillers but are not limited to, repair and patching materials, such as for roads, thin set mortars, grouting materials and joint compounds for wallboard, cement board and other applications.

Jun , A head structure as in claim wherein each said fixture and panel is mounted on said bulkhead or said overhead, but has no attachment to said deck wherein said membrane within said coating comprises a continuous sheet of moisture impervious rubber, polymeric elastomer or fiber reinforced resin.

Mar , A bead of polymeric concrete or grout material is placed around the lower edge of form to seal the form to the slab With this construction of the form using a thermoplastic resin such as polyethylene, a form may be made which is relatively light in weight yet sturdy and completely free

Oct , Non combustible reinforced cementitious lightweight panels and metal frame system for a fire wall and other fire resistive assemblies mold and rot resistant, termite resistant and is capable of resisting shear loads equal to or exceeding shear loads provided by plywood or oriented strand board panels.

Well known advantages of Portland cement wood fiber decks include high fire resistance rating, moisture and fungi resistance, light weight, acoustical and thermal insulation, and attractive appearance ,, , wherein the flanges of an I beam completely encompass the edges of adjoining gypsum board panels.

Mar , This invention relates to improved water resistant fibrous mat faced gypsum board, for example, gypsum board faced with glass fiber mat In addition, effective coated board within the present invention is relatively light in weight compared to Portland cement products which are used as tile backer.

In particular, the present invention relates to panels for providing partitions to which items such as sinks, televisions, or radiators may be affixed [] Light weight panels such as plasterboard (e.g gypsum plasterboard), polystyrene board and fibreboard are commonly used to provide partitions within buildings.

The present invention relates to a method for reinforcing mineral based materials using reinforced fiber material More particularly Non limiting examples of mineral based materials are cement based material, clay based material, asphalt based material, mortar, concrete, ceramic tile, grout, and terrazzo Cement based