wood sand panel for wall cladding and flooring

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Oct , A white box jutting out from the first floor contains bathrooms for the bedrooms on this level Another small bedroom is also afforded light and privacy by the horizontal white cladding A House By The Sea by Pitsou Kedem The striped surface is formed from aluminium panels that extend along the sides of

Dec , Horizontal timber panels clad each wall and are painted black, giving the facade the appearance of charcoal House in Normandy by Beckmann N Thépé Architectes A line diagram cube with a square metre base on the ground, [the house s] black tinted wooden wall panelling responds to the

Aug , Raised slightly off the ground with steel screws, the simple wooden structure was created with prefabricated construction techniques to help reduce the The interior s timber wall panels are treated with a white oiled finish and the sand colored cement screed flooring alludes to the nearby beachfront.

Nov , The wood cladding is scorched, locally sourced clear spruce with a clear coat finish Wood scorching introduces flame to The interior material palette is composed wide white oak flooring, an all white wall treatment and header less doors which span from floor to ceiling Natural light is d n into the

Dec , Inside, the spaces are dressed with traditional wooden furniture and colourful textiles, and served by water pumped from a nearby spring and electricity harvested from solar panels Pampa House by Mariana Palacios The achieved aim of this project was to inhabit this magical place and celebrate in each

Applications include pavers, flower boxes, garden furniture, counter tops, floor slabs and tiles, roof tiles, fascia panels for buildings, wall cladding, electric cable One conventional molding system is the BMC (bulk molding compound) system wherein a combination of reinforcing fibres and fillers, such as wood flour,

Sep , The ground floor rustication of the Georgian townhouse and the ornamental language of the th century shop front were reinterpreted and A secret door of stained oak lies flush with the cast iron panels the inverted carving of the timber recalls the mould and sand bed prepared for the molten metal.

Apr , A prestressed or post tensioned composite structural system for bridge floors, road beds, pedestrian walkways, building floors, building walls, or similar normal to the main bearing bars , but may be skewed in the construction of skewed unfilled grating composite with reinforced concrete slab panels.

Jun , The whole volume was then clad in milled wooden panels, which were stained in different shades Villa Altona by The Common Office The blocks interconnect, creating large open plan spaces on both the ground and upper floor Villa Altona by The Common Office A curving white staircase connecting the

Jan , Louise Lakier Blackwell learned to wet sand paint and remove it safely with a heat gun to avoid inhaling the lead dust commonly found coating older wood planks, windows and doors Blackwell s recently upgraded system utilizes four watt panels and takes up the entire roof by Louise Lakier.