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In this regard, an embodiment of the system includes three hundred and sixty degree, grated, firm, persistent, non slip decking, walkway, or other surfacing (static individuals and no step access thereof into and out of an interior of a structure [including an exterior structure (e.g a gazebo, viewing platform, dock, etc.)].

Mar , The building system of claim , further including at least one T post secured to said sill plate and positioned adjacent to said stud or corner post, said T post having a top end and a bottom end and two exterior longitudinal indentations extending from said top and bottom ends of said T post , said exterior

Feb , The hull has at least two hollow pontoons and at least two side rails that extend from an outer edge of the pontoons, and the hull terminates in a hull trim a section of the deck that extends from a top style line of the deck to the floor of the deck to form an enclosure and wherein the side rail also forms part of

A light weight structural composite panel adapted for use in a vertical orientation in an underground worker protection system is disclosed ,, to Marx relates to a shoring system that requires the use of a rigid, outer wall, removed from an excavated trench wall, a liner made of a resilient material for the excavated

Aug , Let s examine the most common types, as well as the problems they are subject to FASTENER TYPES AND According to an article in the September issue of Building Products Digest magazine, there were about , decks built in using plastic composite planking A screw for fastening

Apr , The dock system includes a deck or mainspan normally above water, a submerged horizontal frame and, if necessary, leveling structure and a plurality Removable hollow column coverings or posts preferably made of pressure treated lumber are located on top of columns , as shown, and are

Some versions of the boards may have a hollow region to accept the provision of heating elements or other accessory structures such as floors, roofing and exterior decking, and more specifically, relate to deck boards, deck planks, porch boards, flooring, the connection of adjacent boards to each other, the connection of

Jul , A safety rail system is mounted to run alongside and above outer edges of the finished bridge deck mounted to a system of support girders by shop welding elongate hollow extruded aluminum elements with the panels being field spliced to provide a readily assembled bridge deck supported on primary

Dec , A decking system as defined in claim further comprising a surface tread formed on the exterior of said top portion comprising a series of longitudinally As such, the hollow extruded members offer a long lasting, low maintenance, and cost effective alternative for traditional wood floor members, such as on

A hollow flanged joist comprises a center web section and top and bottom flange sections containing hollow channels The center web section has two parallel These effects are most apparent on the horizontal decking surfaces where water can collect, especially if the deck boards become cupped Recently, a number of