which is easier adding a deck or a balcony

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May , She notes that we have more apartment buildings now that offer different growing spaces from roof decks and back porch spaces to balconies I ve even grown potatoes in a burlap bag, states Moschetti, adding, while it s not a conventional way to grow, it s a fun project that s easy and inexpensive. Soil.

When you calculate the length of your balcony posts, you must take into consideration other railing components the handrail or the amount the post will overlap the deck joists For example if you you want to build m railing, subtract from it the thickness of the handrail (let s assume cm), and add the thickness of

Aug , If you re a seller and you ve got the goods, make the extra effort to showcase your deck, yard, patio or balcony Often, the most Like anything else in real estate, a beautifully maintained outdoor space can add value to your property, particularly among buyers who covet outdoor space On the flip side,

Building a balcony railing is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, but the hardest decision is about the design and materials one should use are made of Consequently a composite railing will be easier to clean as compared to a balcony wooden railing, which needs to be repainted every years, to get a fresh look.

This project isn t simply about adding on a room or two, of course You need to access the new space from inside, which typically calls for reconfiguring existing rooms and putting in a hallway, as we did here, says Brewster Geoff and Michelle ultimately decided it was better to take on the bedroom addition while the rest of

Attaching a metal post bracket to a concrete slab If you re not as lucky as these homeowners and could mount your handrail post right down into the ground, then it s a lot easier than you think to mount it to concrete comes in And it makes it really easy to have a very strong post and one that will last for a long, long time.

May , I m convinced that there s no better way to learn how to tackle home improvement projects than following a licensed contractor through a build If you live in the greater Baltimore area and are considering adding a deck to your home (or any other sort of home improvements), I suggest you give Steve a call

May , Here are some gardening projects that will work on even the smallest patio or balcony as well as tips for growing citrus indoors Possibly the cheapest and easiest gardening idea I ve seen yet re purpose an old shoe organizer Here s another How To Add Moisture to the Air Without a Humidifier.

Jul , We shared the mood board for our balcony and our newly treated decking and painted brickwork a couple of weeks ago and, for once, have actually almost completely I particularly love our Acapulco style chairs which add such a fun splash of colour and, more importantly, are surprisingly comfortable.

Jun , The design for the balconies and their connection to the building appear to have been done correctly, according to Gene St Onge, a civil and structural engineer in Oakland who reviewed the d ings There is no question in my mind it was designed properly, said St Onge Read complete balcony

May , The new staircase provides easy access to the patio Duebber married the original house and the new porch by matching paint from the trim on the house to the fascia boards and the stair risers Aircraft cable rails add a modern touch and keep the view clear, while small lights make it safer to go from the