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Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Oct , Everyone desires the deck to look like an attractive out of doors addition to their home that would last for a very long period of time However, it might also turn out to be a dangerous and an ugly thing with no proper maintenance and treatment The timber should be ensured to be proficiently taken care of by

Oct , Other special features Heavy timber framing around the outdoor space Stainless steel cable railing system with wood handrail The railing allows views through to the mountains and forest Designer secret Rather than using traditional wood decking for the floor, we used an Italian porcelain tile in the

Feb , Since I grew up in South Florida, the flattest and most humid peninsula ever, retaining walls were kinda new to me Now an Atlantan, I tend to wall a bit more personal Take a gander at these fantastic ideas, then think about your own retaining wall before running out to snatch those railroad timbers again.

Aug , From London, Dezeen writes Penda proposes Toronto Tree Tower built from cross laminated timber modules tower is not only using massive wood panels as its main structural element, but has also timber clad panels as its fa?ade large out door areas provide a space for herb and vegetable planters for

Aug , These decking products are not kiln dried, but they have instead been air dried, leaving them in the moisture range These moisture levels are necessary for an outdoor product to remain stable If the boards are kiln dried to below moisture, then they would be left very thirsty and would move

Apr , In keeping with this request, the basic elements of water, bush and natural wood dominate the feeling of this house which shows its full effect out back The floor plan wraps around the pool and deck areas and essentially creates an outdoor living room with an oversized, two directional cantilevered

No matter how you feel on this topic I m sure you prefer not to have an ant problem in your home Dealing with Carpenter ants do not eat wood as termites do, but instead remove wood and deposit the debris outside of their nests in small piles These winged ants leave the colony to mate and establish new colonies.

May , But, done well, it is a great way of blurring the boundaries between indoors and out, and boosting your usable space DECKING The natural warm color and texture of timber decking can be used to transform your garden and extend your living space outside Choose from budget friendly composite

Sep , Lori said, In , we added our pool and quickly realized how bad the wood of the deck had gotten No one could walk barefoot on All the posts are covered in aluminum, the railing and ceiling are vinyl, the flooring is non slip Trek like tongue and groove, and we got a doggie door Our contractor even

Jan , Project s main strengths Speedy, modular construction method it takes just one minute for Sweden to grow the amount of timber used in the building Strandparken in Sundbyberg, just outside Stockholm, is Sweden s largest wooden structure today The eight story building was designed by renowned

Jul , Optimal wood flooring care includes knowing your flooring type, remedies for quick clean up plus knowing these best practices for cleaning and protection the floor Pets Trim your pets nails and always ensure they do not come in from the outdoors with their paws muddy, or covered in grime and grease.