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Jun , Learn the easiest way to baby and child proof a horizontal railing with a clear banister shield! Best of all it s inexpensive, This post contains affiliate links If you buy something that I One popular product is a railnet basically a netting that your stretch around the inside of railing While this probably works

Jul , The making of an outdoor area {the railings and posts} All photographs (except for the very crappy and hodge podged together before picture are from the lovely Jennifer at Sugar Photography) Today I want to show y all some more of our new party deck, and for me these were the fun things to plan

Whether you have a small porch or large outdoor room, see how the right design, furnishings, and materials can transform your outdoor space The wood and beam exposed hip roof is a great way to make your inside space seem more expansive Note how the black aluminum railings give the deck a more open look.

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience Read my full the post is over But for the rest of you, read on to learn my friend s trick for how to keep your next outdoor party fly free! At one point we looked up and the flies were just sitting on the deck railing staring at all the food they couldn t ruin Amazing Trick

Apr , Compare Jatoba to another common decking wood like Western Red Cedar or Pressure Treated Pine , and you will see that Jatoba is times Jatoba is also a very popular interior flooring species, so supply pipelines are strong, and the blending of inside and outside spaces is possible.

Jul , By starting in the middle and working outward, we end up with even spacings on the end From the inside (stair side) the railing is finished with no visible pocket holes But on the outside (living room side), each baluster has a pocket hole showing We could fill these pocket holes with plugs or wood filler, but

May , The outdoor wicker was moved onto the deck Porch Cleaning Table chairs, sheers, cushions, wreaths, decorative pieces, lamps, etc were all moved inside After all the cleaning was done, it all had to be moved back out again Ugh Porch Cleaning Once the decks and porch were clean, I decided it was

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about decking and railing Why are outdoor living products better than wood If is made from The white rails and balusters of Select can also mix and match with different colors of post sleeves, post sleeve caps and post sleeve skirts.

Carpenter bees get their names by the perfectly round, half inch or so diameter holes that they drill in wood for their nests In the spring, the bees inside hole in wood A closer look at a hole in wood shows carpenter bee inside They also bore into decks, outdoor furniture, fence posts, and swing sets Softer woods like

Mar , Local building codes vary, but pretty much anywhere, if you have a deck or porch or more above ground level (lower in some areas), a railing is required, The bottom was notched about up, allowing the post to rest partially on the step, with the inside face of the post tight up against the stair stringer.

Aug , Not only are my floors cherry hardwood and my couches are red (see the post about our red couches here!) but the exterior of the townhouse (and the deck railing) is also red, so I was tired of seeing so much RED! I needed something a bit more neutral to look at from the inside This bamboo fencing not

Watch this video to see how to repair and improve your entryway, including replacing siding, repairing railings, and installing a new entry door and lock Repair Handrails Replaced rotten handrail posts and missing spacer blocks on entryway stairs Repoint Brick Steps They re great for cleaning any outdoor surface.

Jul , This was on the inside of the screened porch the other day The kids can t play in their sand and water table, we can t enjoy picnics on the deck, and I can t sit outside and watch the kids on the playset because we re worried This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot Insecticides.

Watch this video to find out how to clean a wood deck and test to see if the wood is dry enough before staining Once the wood has passed that test, plan on applying stain when the outside temperature is between and degrees Fahrenheit As with any paint or staining project, the key is the preparation Cover any