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Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Oct , Wood or Timber roof trusses are widely used in USA and Canada because of its advantages over other trusses, as it offers great flexibility in plan layout.

Feb , Concrete has become universal building material and more appropriate structural forms such as shear wall and tube structures The tube concept has numerous significant advantages over other framing systems, not only for reasons of economy and efficiency, but also for structural reasons, such as .

Apr , The extent of damage to buildings depends not only on the magnitude of the earthquake, but also on the type of construction practice followed buildings, which are framed (comprising a skeleton of columns and beams, typically made of reinforced concrete) or having shear walls, it is possible to ensure

May , Yet another advantage enjoyed by the embodiments described above is that the floor diaphragm can be connected directly to the drag strut of a shear wall This eliminates the requirement for the very labor intensive operation of adding joist blocking between joists when platform framing is used at the

Oct , Diagrid structural system is a framework made by diagonal members of concrete, metals or wooden beams used in the construction of buildings and roofs Diagrid Structural System Types, Materials and Advantages The diagonal member of the diagrid carries both shear and moment So the optimal

Jul , Method is disclosed for the construction of a concrete building utilizing precast floor slabs and in situ cast concrete columns, in which method, the forms for the columns are utilized to support ,,, each of which relied on bearing concrete walls to provide vertical support and to serve as shear walls.

Sep , Wood framed walls of buildings are strengthened against destructive wind and seismic forces by a threaded hold down rod attached to the structure top The above and other features, aspects, and advantages of the present invention are considered in more detail, in relation to the following description of

Advantages of the invention are summarized below the waffle slab interlocking wall can transfer the load transversely and longitudinally to effectively enhance the load bearing and shear resistance properties of the wall, and the wall can take a share in building stress a hollow design is adopted so that the wall is lighter

Jan , A precast concrete building unit of half room configuration with a floor or ceiling defining web portion and opposite half wall defining flange portions is cast by pouring concrete over steel latticework in an inverted U shaped cavity of a wheeled mold form which has hinged sidewall plates, removable pin

Mar , The method according to claim , further comprising repeating the forming, lifting and pouring steps for a selected number of levels of the building The method according to claim , further comprising constructing a core section of the building, said core section being connected to the level by shear walls

Dec , A hurricane and earthquake clip for connecting a roof to a wall on new construction and existing houses The connector This clip makes the outside wall sheathing into an extremely stable shear wall and ties the top plate and roof rafter securely to this shear wall making it resistant to most earth tremors.

Feb , partially casting columns as soon as the wall modules are erected to complete the in situ construction of the civil structure or high wind load to provide lateral load resistance ,a cast in situation or precast shear wall assembly may be utilized The shear walls can be located anywhere in the building.