the best floor for porch

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Nov , Keep it simple When decorating a small space, the best idea is to keep it simple and uncluttered Flooring can beautify your space Whether your porch is concrete, wood, or tile a colorful floor will make your porch come alive Add an area rug for softness to the cold floor and one more layer of color!

Nov , Tutorial to repaint porch railings and why the fall is the best time to minimize future This post is sponsored We found that a flattened cardboard box used under the area we were working on kept paint off our porch floor and was super easy to move around to where we needed It was easier to pick up at

Jun , Our first step was giving it a good scrub down, followed by etching If you are After allowing our floors to completely dry out, I went ahead and put a coat of pure white porch concrete paint on all of the surfaces I used a putty knife held at an angle to give myself a good clean edge when I tore my tape off.

Feb , The floor is noticeably sloping so we have a big project of having to jack up this porch and rebuild the foundation Paint, and shopping the house for stuff I had switching out a ceiling fan for a thrifted lantern (I used it in our bedroom in the last house ShoppingTheHouse is always a good idea).