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May , Size square feet ( square meters) Ruth Krumbhaar lives with her family in an square foot house in San Francisco s Telegraph Hill neighborhood The master bath is small, so it only has a shower, and we wanted a place to soak, she says A small private deck off the living room offered the

Oct , Back in August, I published Living In A Square Foot Tiny House Could You Do It At the end, I asked if anyone was interested in taking part in an interview When those times come, one of us will take the dog for a walk, or someone will go up on deck to read so the other can have some alone time.

Nov , This is a collection of mezzanines that compresses the best designs we ve seen Inspiring Mezzanines to Uplift Your Spirit and Increase Square Footage This small, square meter apartment in Poland incorporates a mezzanine in its design, extending the living spaces with a large bed area.

Aug , The , square foot ( square meter) home is part of the so called Artists Village, a row of townhouses built nine years ago, when the area was less appreciated than it is nowadays The homeowners, a photographer and a bookseller, were able to influence the layout of the building the photographer

Though the , square foot, two bedroom house, the site of the latest TOH TV project, was built as a seasonal residence, the family plans to live there year round So they turned to architect Mary Dorsey Brewster and general contractor Andy Tiplady to help them envision a plan that would make the best use of its

Sep , The interior of the cabin measures sq ft ( sq m) A camping stove and some utensils serve as a basic kitchenette The two single beds can be pushed together There s plenty of natural light inside the cabin Ponomareva purchased the plans for the A frame from well known tiny house enthusiast Derek

Nov , The house is attached on a trailer and comes with sq Ft of living space The tiny home features a farmhouse sink, shiplap and subway tile all crammed into the tiny house However, the most defining feature of this house is the sliding glass garage door that has a deck that pops out which can be used

Jan , While the above ground space only dropped by a couple hundred square feet (from to ), this move also cost me my nicely finished basement, a warm dry attached They approved the idea, so after getting the main house mostly built, I broke ground in April to start building The Studio.

Jan , If you re into tiny houses but even x feels like it d be too tight then you ll probably like this sq ft ESCAPE cabin It s x so plenty of extra space compared to most tiny homes on wheels that meet the width standards which is mainly so you can tow your own house without any

Jun , Since I am currently enjoying some beautiful summer days I thought I might talk a little about our outdoor living space The first outdoor space we built was our front porch and since we used plans to build our post and pier foundation based on deck plans, no front porch was in the original design We always

Jan , It s a square foot solar yurt cabin with kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom with a deck lumber yard, we offer a kit that includes the metal rings for the ceiling and floor, the clear acrylic dome for the center of the building, and plans and instructions for fabricating and constructing your Polyurt.

Jun , It s a timber frame beauty by Nir Pearlson in Oregon His firm specializes in green designs In this case, his clients wanted an energy efficient small home made out of sustainable materials The clients are an aging couple who are nearing retirement so they wanted a single story design that they d love.

Oct , Ian Kent is the man behind NOMAD and he s perfected the sq ft design with the following innovations which you can see in the photos below space saving staircase to the loft, varying ceiling heights, and maximizing natural light These three factors help the home feel spacious and usable even

Oct , As more people discover the wonders of tiny home living, some brilliant houses are taking form that balance stylish design with the efficiency of small spaces Aaron Maret s Pocket Shelter is a perfect example of just how elegant a tiny house can be This square foot home on wheels was built over a

May , This is the Sq Ft Hummingbird Cottage built for a family s mother in law by Ralph Jones Home Plans, LLC Janne Zaccagnino With the deck to be added, this looks like a stellar location! Image via Ralph Home Plans, LLC Related Sq Ft Zen in Law Tiny House with Murphy Bed in the Loft.

Mar , But if you re like me, it can also be a great place to live simply in full time Each unit has sq ft of interior space and sq ft of deck space outside Inside you ve got your living room, bedroom and kitchenette And outside you can hang out and of course use the bathroom which is on the porch.

Jul , Aon Center, built in , is an story, million square foot building on acres in Chicago s East Loop Piedmont had floated the idea that Aon Center could be the third Chicago skyscraper to accommodate an observation deck, an attraction known to generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

Sep , And I absolutely love spending evenings on the couch in the sun room or in a hammock on the deck But not As another data point, here s my house square foot, two car garage, originally bought by my parents for , in , very slightly used (the owners got divorced and had to sell right after

Sep , A global traveler, she has lived in all types of housing from an oceanside mansion in Rio De Janeiro, to an sqft historic log cabin with no running water, I also have been looking into unvented roof designs, which really amounts to adding insulation panels above the primary roof deck to eliminate

Feb , Who lives here Claudia Juestel, owner of Adeeni Design Group Location Near downtown San Francisco Size square feet ( square meters) bedroom, bathroom Year built Juestel began again in this co op apartment near downtown San Francisco Having to reassemble her household

Sep , This is a sq ft Nashville Tiny House on Wheels (custom) that s for sale (in Nashville, asking k) and you re welcome to come check it out!

days ago At a mere square feet, the home comes equipped with a queen sized bed, a kitchen with a vertical herb garden and a deck The house is located in the backyard of a traditional home Steve uses as a rental property Steve had a vision for the tiny home to be completely self powered, but it uses the main

Jan , When my husband and I bought our first house, its square feet of living space was perfect for two Photo used with permission from Leaf House Small Space Design and Build They spend a lot of time as a family outdoors, even in winter, when they bundle up and build large fires on their deck.

Jun , LaMar is accepting your designs that are sq ft or less, sq ft Tiny Homes on Wheels, House boats, Caravans, Van Conversions, or Campers There s almost no limit to what you can create for your very own customized and personalized tiny home Learn more and get involved here.

May , We ll share more on the actual design plans as we go (permit permitting, haha) Oh, and if you re looking for more details about decking materials here are some of the resources I relied on (in addition to talking to my local Home Depot and lumber yard) The Family Handyman, This Old House,

Sep , Inside you ll see how this couple built their own DIY sq ft tiny house for k nicknamed The Ritz on Wheels and are now living simply in it.

Sep , Modern Landscape by Chris Corbett Design Chris Corbett Design Sophisticated and Functional in California Location Backyard in Davis, California Size square foot ( square meter) deck and square foot ( square meter) patio in a square foot ( square meter) backyard