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With buyers getting more demanding about the condition of the houses they purchase, roofs have become one of the major potential deal breakers The least expensive are a three tab shingle, which is very thin and requires good insulation, sometimes so much that the price becomes almost too expensive, Crisp says.

Oct , It was planted in a flat extension attached to the house Solar panels produce energy that reduces consumption from the grid, while seven water tanks placed underneath the house can store up to cubic meters of rainwater collected from the roof and exterior pavements The water is used to irrigate the

Jan , The Green In Spain Grows Mainly On The Walls Simulated view of what biophilic concrete panels would look like on the existing Aeronautics Cultural Centre in Barcelona, Spain Profit from your roof space find local deals on solar in your area, eliminate your power bill, and join the solar revolution.

Oct , Over the past two weeks, the Solar Decathlon challenged twenty university led teams from the U.S and as far away as Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany, While most homes at the Solar Decathlon utilize a pitched roof to maximize the efficiency of the photovoltaics, this home s highly insulated flat roof

Oct , If they added solar panels to the design it would be a even better and cost effective design. For me these people are just snobs trying to make money selling expensive sardine houses with fake permitless arguments and here in Spain, this sentence is very common in the end, the cheap becomes

Jan , Norway s Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings and architecture firm Sn?hetta designed the prototype house with a roof angled to the southeast The designers claim that the house should produce ,kWh of electricity from its solar panels each year while solar collectors used for heating water

New Spanish Slate roof with, slate roof dormer windows and Velux Sky Lights Brazilian green slate with brackets for solar panels Counter battens Rubber Flat Roofs Lead Work Rhepanol used for gutter in slate roof Rhepanol flat roof with mm insulation Fancy Slate roof with heritage sky lights build on oak frame.

Mar , Spanish architects Casos de Casas struck on a similar idea when they used corrugated polycarbonate panels to create varying levels of insulation around a hillside home named Seasonless House in the Roof plan click for larger image Casa OE by Fake Industries Architectural Agonism and Aixopluc

May , The roof of the existing swimming pool is now covered in a solar thermal panels, which provide of the hot water needed for the both the pools and the showers Looped lines provide hot water instantly and help reduce water usage Daylighting is used extensively inside the facility to minimize the need

Dec , Santiago Calatrava s Bodegas Ysios is a Spectacular Winery at the Foot of the Spanish Mountains Architecture Powered entirely with renewable energy, the winery keeps cool with passive ventilation and use of concrete and stone walls, as well as the sloping cork lined roof, for insulation Taking

Sep , The curvature of a high profile tile such as the traditional S shaped Spanish tile creates a large space beneath the tile, making the eaves and roof vulnerable to bird nesting and animal infiltration Similarly, the curvature of lower profile tiles such as the W shaped Mediterranean tiles also create open spaces

Aug , This portable home in Spain by ábaton Architecture measures about square feet The exterior is Timber panels of Spanish fir dyed white contribute to the bright interior Contemporary The floor and roof are constructed of structural insulated panels supported by engineered wood and steel beams.

Feb , Completed in in Castillejo de Mesleón, Spain Images by Paisajes con Madera (facades), Schüco Alucer (alluminium windows), Intemper (green roofs) The term Ex refers to a vital process developed by our The panel are then assembled on site by skilled labour ( people) in a day process.

May , Desert House by Dunn Hillam Architects Dunn Hillam used conventional reinforced block construction for the ground floor and prefabricated structurally insulated panels for the walls and roof on the top floor The exterior is clad in compressed fibre cement sheets It requires no maintenance and can

May , Built by Pich Aguilera Architects in Manresa, Spain The proposal of the buildings and the open spaces has been structure from the consideration that the environment wher The roof improves the thermal insulation with respect to a traditional inverted cover With the added advantage of the thermal

Jul , But they are doing their bit in many other ways, attempting to live entirely off their solar panels, and by using a clever system of planting and shade to used by his friend and former band mate from Genesis, Peter Gabriel in London) he has planted lawns on top of his roofs to create more natural insulation.

Oct , Barcelona boasts the most noticeable growth of Spain s construction market as many as new projects have been launched in and off plan flats are selling out within six months of the project New building codes also enforce hot water heated by solar energy panels, daylighting and insulation.

Oct , The goal is to have solar roofs that look better than a normal roof, generate electricity, last longer, have better insulation and have a lower installed cost than the price of a roof plus the price of electricity, Musk said, Now it s trying to acquire SolarCity to sell the rooftop panels to charge those batteries.

May , An insulated concrete form is a combination of two panels of rigid insulation that typically measure inches by inches by inches These rigid insulation panels are held or more inches apart by plastic webs The ICFs are stacked on top of each other in a staggered pattern, forming a cavity that

May , Its main feature is a luscious green roof planted with rich and varied vegetation that provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation for the interior Located in Girona s Santa Cristina d Aro, Espai Ridaura is also equipped with solar thermal panels to generate hot water and an energy efficient lighting

Details of aluminum panel, denim insulation, newspaper wood, and mushroom brick, Building Other materials include Insulation made from old denim which serves as an effective thermal and soundproofing material A light roofing material, tuff roof, made from Tetra Pak cartons which is water resistant, fire retardant,

Dec , My Houzz The Terrace Is the Heart of This Spanish Penthouse Since it is an open plan space, the electrical appliances are covered with white panels to create a clean overall look for privacy The ceiling insulation and the walls were improved during the renovation, and air conditioning was installed.

Jan , Built by Hiribarren Gonzalez ,Estudio Urgari in Zaldibar, Spain The project for the new building for nursery and kindergarten is conceived from the attention to the specific needs o Calle Autonomía, Zaldibar, Biscay, Spain These panels make up the facade, interior partitions, roof and siding.

May , In order to achieve that the fa?ade will have to provide as much light as possible and sky lights will need to be incorporated in the roofing and on top of to absorb as much noise as possible to avoid sound reverberation from the children, to get that the suspended ceiling is made by insulation panels, the

Aug , A House for Three Sisters is essentially three homes joined together and united by shared common spaces in the center in Bullas, Spain Thanks to a large array of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof, the refuge can generate up to four days of energy self sufficiency, making the project off grid.