fire resistant composite panel indoor wall cladding

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Dec , A fire resistant membrane comprising a plurality of regularly spaced elongated parallel sheet metal framing elements, a first layer of fire rated wallboard a side of the framing elements opposite a side bearing the first wallboard layer being substantially free of any directly attached covering layer, a grid of

Oct , Further, the present invention relates to improved interior wall constructions that utilize compressed st panels in lieu of studs, either wood or otherwise Further, said improved interior wall constructions provide improved sound attenuating properties and comparable fire resistance properties to

Aug , A fibreboard, insulating, wall panel includes an integral air and vapor barrier of metal foil or metallized plastic film adhered to one surface of the panel Panels are In the construction method of the present invention, semi rigid panels are applied to the interior face () of the framework () The panels

For example, the fire resistant composite structures may be employed as structural insulating panels Structural insulating panels can be used as a building material Structural insulating panels can include a foam material, e.g a layer of rigid foam, sandwiched between a first facing and a second facing, e.g two layers of a

Since steel is generally more fire resistant than wood, and steel framing members can be made to arbitrary lengths, balloon framing is growing in popularity again in light gauge steel stud Interior wall coverings in light frame construction typically include wallboard, lath and plaster or decorative wood paneling Exterior

Dec , Fire resistant structural composites are comprised of a phenolic resin system, reinforcing fibers and alumina tri hydrate The composites may be formed into structural or load bearing parts, and are particularly suited for applications requiring high strength and a high degree of fire resistance, such as in the

Oct , Structural advantages of the panels and the wall panel system of the presently disclosed embodiments include, but are not limited to, increased impact resistance, moisture resistance without requiring additional protective coatings or additional protective layers, and fire resistance without requiring