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Sep , A large specially built bubble shaped pod inside Mount Weather s East Tunnel contained several advanced computers, which were disconnected from the it was very advanced networking technology, containing early versions of what later generations would recognize as email, bulletin boards, and chat

Nov , Taking references from the continuous inside outside surface of a Klein Bottle, UNStudio aimed to blur distinctions between the inside and outside of the terminal by continuing the urban landscape into the interior of the transfer hall, where ceilings, walls and floors all seamlessly transition into one another.

Aug , As secretary of homeland security, before becoming White House chief of staff, John Kelly admitted, It s unlikely that we will build a wall or physical barrier from sea to shining sea Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has also been equivocal Trump faces some daunting obstacles in trying to get his way One is

Nov , There s a sea in the way, of course, but Eurostar dives under it, using the mile Channel Tunnel Work on the tunnel began in , and it was finally opened for business in , costing £ billion It was a hugely ambitious project, but its completion allowed for a quick and comfortable way of travelling

Sep , The Women s Waiting Room on the western wall of King Street station would likely make an excellent café, and there is a possibility of a larger restaurant on Los Angeles has long had a comprehensive departure board, and Portland s Union Station has a makeshift digital display alongside their traditional

Apr , All in all, these four steps cost us less than and none took more than an hour to execute (a couple only took a few minutes) After mounting the TV, installing the in wall cord tunnel, and getting everything off the floor, our last bit of cordy business was hiding the cable box Either way, I m on board.

Dec , DIY Aquarium Decoration series Common materials their suitability for aquarium use Written by Marine Biologist Eileen Daub for That Fish Blog.

Jan , Termites love to tunnel through this stuff and it gives them limitless access to the building envelope if you are using exterior foam board as insulation Iso has a far better performance than xps in high temp and fire situations as XPS is only applicable in mass walls to meet NFPA standards and that

Feb , The Kitty Pass is an interior cat door passageway that is designed to be ridiculously cute yet highly functional Shaped with ears on the front This amazing PetSafe Telescoping Aluminum Wall Entry Pet Door is designed with a telescoping tunnel to fit the size of your wall It has double magnetic flaps for

Dec , The walls have a plurality of longitudinal slots, each channel created thereby having a flexible bottom U.S Pat No ,, to Kitchen et al, discloses a skydiving trainer wind tunnel having a vertical air chamber with a video projection system on an interior wall University of Maryland, Glenn L Martin

Aug , This handheld paint pail has a magnet inside that will keep your paint brush from being completely submersed An extension pole is a necessity for high walls and ceilings in general Unless you are , like my brother, you ll likely need a step stool for painting crown molding and the top of the wall.

Dec , Assuming the wood will run in straight lines following the peripheral walls of a rectangular room, the flooring can run approximately north south or can help widen a tunnel shaped room by emphasizing the little width there is, and can also add a warmer, rustic appeal by emphasizing the individual boards.

Oct , Students at the new £ million Sn?hetta designed Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design in Bergen are invited to use the inner walls as a canvas Sn?hetta makes every interior surface a canvas in new £ million arts school in Bergen

Mar , NEARLY miles of walls now separate the United States and Mexico Would be migrants still find ways over, under, through and around them As a tool for controlling immigration to the United States, the border fortifications have been remarkably ill suited to the task And yet these barriers are having a

May , A minor question in the photo at the top of the page I see the pallet bottom vents appearing on the end wall with the door in it, but I don t see how the plastic gets pulled We rapidly added roll up sides to ours to be able to adjust the temperatures inside Creative solutions for a low cost high tunnel.

Jun , The new Message Board can be attached to a wall or fridge door and acts as The new inch Boogie Board, with nearly percent more available writing space The new Boogie Boards, like the original, are temporary note takers intended to be a digital replacement for note pads and scraps of paper.

Aug , The car s top speed is a respectable mph, and the interior is decked out with basic textile seating and a gigantic inch touchscreen control console Although installations can vary widely, our local Tesla shop told us that installing one of the Wall Connectors will likely run new owners about ,.

Jul , The NFPA test is not a test of flame spread over the surface of a material, but a test of the performance of an entire wall assembly, based on a fire in the a Steiner tunnel in a vertical orientation, with what is now the top as a removable wall the same calibration standards of inorganic cement board and

The UH Hoover WindTunnel Max Bagged Upright is a complete vacuum system It has beater brushes to thoroughly clean your carpets and a hose with tools to clean stairs, window sills and other hard to reach areas This bagged upright vacuum cleaner has WindTunnel MAX technology that provides three channels

Nov , THESE exclusive images show inside a filthy hotel used to house suspected illegal immigrants from the Calais Jungle whose board and lodgings YOU He said all of the men had been driven here and were getting accommodation paid for after managing to force their way into the Euro Tunnel and hang

The composite board can be part of a wall assembly comprising two boards defining an interior cavity, the sheet facing the interior cavity This technique is an alternative to known fire retardant methods using, e.g corrosive fire retardant materials, and affords a practical, cost effective approach to increasing wallboard fire

Carpenter bees prefer to excavate their nests in soft, unpainted wood such as the back side of fascia boards, siding, window trim, and porch ceilings They also bore into Carpenter bee tunnel entry is usually underneath a board, or sometimes on the side This gold plated carpenter s pencil was found inside a wall.

It is generally strong, provides ample space for the flow of water, is adaptable to roadways, and is reasonably economical of material cost for the results obtained Upon bringing the interior steel bracing into its desired location along base , shimming boards are placed under the wall forms which are raised