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Aug , China and India are the biggest markets for Italian stone material, but Italy exports to some countries This success is due to Italian know how in stone processing and production of new manufacturing technologies, but also in innovation and design This is our added value that makes us really

Aug , People around the world are more interested than ever in sharing experiences, spaces and objects for everyday use They re staying in strangers homes instead of hotel rooms when traveling, renting bicycles in the city instead of buying them, and sharing wardrobes and tools A growing number of people

Jul , They re an added expense and aren t always easy to access If the stacked cabinet look has caught your eye, this quick rundown of pros and cons will better inform your buying decision More cabinets also equal more surfaces to dust and polish Glass door fronts will certainly require more maintenance.

Jul , Bigtooth maple (Acer grandidentatum) is a sugar maple for the inland West It provides summer shade with a stately rounded crown, has spectacular long lasting fall color, and provides excellent habitat for songbirds and other small wildlife Its three to five lobed leaves blaze orange to crimson in fall, and

Apr , With all curries gluten free, the fresh flavours of Kashmir Indian restaurant will most definitely make you want to come back for more For more than just another Indian curry house a visit to at Galway s original Indian restaurant is recommended For a special family treat try the Sunday buffet, for adults

Jun , If you are buying screws for many purposes, grab these If you know the project There are different screw coatings that should be used for different applications as with most building materials, it pays to read the instructions Screwing Attaching composite decking to pressure treated joists There s a

Aug , This is probably the most common material for constructing raised beds, and perhaps one of the least expensive Use naturally rot resistant Pros Cinderblock is very inexpensive and widely available you can purchase it at home improvement stores or building supply stores It can fit a wide range of

Jan , The kitchen is in the southeast corner of the home, which not only makes it adhere to the ancient traditional Indian design principles of Vastu, but also means plenty of morning The materials in the home are kept largely natural as well as neutral A Gorgeous Modern Style Indian House With Courtyard

Oct , Improve your soil and yard the organic way with a valuable garden booster that grows on trees Full Story Materials Decking Materials Beyond Basic Lumber By Anne Higuera CGR, CAPS Learn about softwoods, tropical hardwoods, composites and more for decks, including pros, cons and costs.

Nov , The porch decking material is pressure treated wood Chair Terrain Contemporary Exterior by D ing Dept D ing Dept A side view of the house reveals its angled rooflines and the lot s slope At right, a separate screened in dining porch is a pleasant place for entertaining and family meals during

Feb , To keep the landscape drought tolerant, they used artificial turf for the lawn Midcentury by Identity Construction Identity Construction A custom steel gas fire pit warms the new sun deck Decking Contemporary Deck by Identity Construction Identity Construction Iconic vintage Butterfly chairs provide

Mar , They adhere to almost any surface wood, masonry, plastic, drywall, plaster, even glass and metal Easy to apply (can be brushed or sprayed on) They dry quickly (about More expensive about for a quart Depending on where you purchase it from, shipping may be extra by Stylish Patina Interiors.

Dec , See how retaining walls can step up landscape designs with built in water features, benches and cool building materials other lighter elements of the backyard stand out in contrast, such as the turquoise of the pool tile, the warm brown of the decking and the white flowers of the Japanese anemone.

May , Getting to know your site is the first step to creating a wonderful garden Follow this point checklist to get it right.

Oct , Engineers Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes invented Bubble Wrap in the late s At the time they were experimenting with developing a new type of wallpaper with a textured plastic surface On a plane flight, Chavannes noticed that the clouds seemed to cushion the plane as it descended for landing.

Mar , This is s early edition of the Best Paying Jobs in Singapore This year, we include a nd ranking table just for the Financial Services.

Sep , Teak is expensive and you want to get the right material for the job Things to Look For When Buying Teak Lumber Previously, the serious buyer could always discount the lower quality lumber by determining the country of origin (e.g India, Indonesia, Cote d Ivoire more on these in a future blog post),

Jun , Little leaf cordia s ability to handle the heat and sun, as well as periods of drought, makes it a popular choice for low maintenance landscapes Where it will grow Hardy to degrees Fahrenheit, or minus degrees Celsius (Zone ) Water requirement Low Light requirement Full, reflected sun or light

Jul , Since stationary panels don t move, it is not always necessary to purchase a single long drapery rod Though multiple smaller rods just wide enough to hold a single panel can seem to chop up the space above a window, plenty of us appreciate this option for the potential cost savings and because it