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Dec , The tint free glazing is available with Starphire Ultra Clear Low Iron glass and other custom decorative make ups It meets ASTM E and CAN ULC S with hose stream It can be combined with GPX Architectural Series Framing for a compliant fire resistive assembly The glass is inches thick

Composite curtain walls have been widely used in substitution for brick and masonry to provide decorative and functional building facades is an enlarged, fragmentary perspective view, partially in section, showing the reception of a rail extremity within a mullion channel for supporting a window FIG is an enlarged,

Dec , The fire resistive, blast rated curtain wall in this medical facility is located near a drive up drop off area, which typically is exempt from building hardening requirements (see Section B ) However, since this Army Hospital is classified as a critical facility defined in Section as buildings that must

Jun , Giveaway is now closed I was browsing the home section of Target the other day and overheard two women talking One woman was gushing over some pretty curtains and asked her friend if she should buy them along with a new curtain rod for her living room I approved of her choice and wished I

May , A curtain wall anchor fire protection apparatus for protecting a curtain wall anchor which is attached to the underside of a floor construction in a position extending therebelow, said curtain wall anchor fire protection apparatus comprising a housing of fire protective material which defines a protective

Mar , Fiber reinforced plastic, D printed stone, and programmable ink tiles are a few materials coming down the pike for the AEC industry The Solar Activated Fa?ade consists of slanted, horizontal slats of solid wood combined with a back vented glass curtain wall The exterior glass protects the wood and

May , And lo, they were, with the Centre Pompidou s facade of pipes and ducts as chief example If you were to walk into the [Yale Center for British Art] building five years ago, you would have seen materials coming to the end of their lifespan, but not sensed how desperate the situation was, says architect

Aug , With the matching sets of full length curtains running crisply across one bar, you don t really notice the change in the unusually high middle section Contemporary Dining Room by Alykhan Velji Design Alykhan Velji Design Wall to Wall Another no brainer approach is to simply curtain an area wall to wall.

Disguise a wall mural or ugly paint with these simple, budget friendly tricks If I were Charles, this is probably what I would do hang floor to ceiling curtains on a curtain rod right on top of Spiderman No one has to know there isn t a Something else brilliant that you ll now suggest in the comments section This is a new

Oct , A sustainable energy saving wall utilizing recyclable materials is disclosed for use in construction where the wall provides natural light to the interior of the The energy efficient load bearing panel of claim wherein the glazing frame further comprises a pressure plate to hold the glazing unit in place .

Sep , Therefore, a double skin structure is employed, which consists of glass curtain walls and graphically treated aluminum punched metal The fa?ade becomes a part of the interior decoration and obviates the need for window treatments such as blinds or curtains By using a double skin, reduction of the air

A curtain wall systems includes a joint member having a formation adapted to be secured to a mullion and a projection arranged to extend horizontally of the joint member in use and dimensioned to be received within a transom Bearing surfaces of the projection are coated with a low friction material such as polypropylene

Nov , Unitized curtain wall systems are those which can be preassembled and glazed as units (i.e the glass or other surface material installed) off site and progressively installed section by section on a building One advantage of the unitized curtain wall approach is that the labor is performed in an off site,

Jun , The construction of tab and tie tops is nearly identical Strips of fabric between a half and inches wide are self lined and sewn to the drapery as loops or ties, through which a decorative drapery rod will ultimately slide They re a favorite among DIYers because, unlike pleated varieties, they re fairly

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Oct , Build a pane window frame that looks like the old vintage windows How to Build a Decorative Pane Window Materials Needed x board x board pocket screws or longer brad nails wood glue x glass panes, about each at Home Depot

FIGURE is a fragmentary perspective view of the present curtain wall assembly from an exterior vantage point showing the snap in decorative strip and FIGURE is a fragmentary perspective view of a length of glazing retainer channel and, in phantom outline, a cross section of a horizontal muntin Referring to FIGURE

Oct , It is structured in the form of a bearing sheet made up of a series of profiled plates (), which run from the ground to the roof, grooved, to form trays with a U shaped section, which are attached by their central branch to the front edge of the floor slabs and whose side branches () serve as supports and

Dec , If you live in a home with radiators, you know how tricky it can be to choose window treatments with those big, blocky structures in the way especially if you have your heart set on curtains From working with layers to the dos and don ts of short curtains, these pointers will help you navigate your options.

It is believed that the walls and gates of the fort were completed within a year, and it is not unlikely that many other buildings were added in the next few years Humayun s This western entrance to the fortress was most probably built under Humayun, as it is part of the main fortifications On either Carvings on the facade.

Feb , A curtain wall including an extruded aluminum sill having a first channel for receiving a glazed panel, a sill anchor access portion for securing the sill to Such panel members are most often panes of glass, but other paneled building materials such as aluminum, granite, slate, or concrete are also utilized.

Sep , Regardless of the fabric, color, or pattern you choose there are some universal tricks to making your windows (and room) look top notch Decorative curtain panels are a designer favorite because they can be used as a tool to make a room appear larger, add softness, frame a great view, and make a