handrail to concrete retaining wall

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Sep , The interior is bathed in natural light and features details in wood paired with white walls and ceilings Concrete horizontal siding of the outdoor staircase and casually positioned planting create an appearance of weathered surfaces and spaces that give the house a more natural feel A small seating area

May , Sculpt Gardens Inc How to Use Composite Timber in the Landscape Wall veneers Composite timber can be attached to an existing wall as a way to add texture or color In the space here, composite wood decking has been combined with a cedar frame railing topped with a top rail More

Jun , There were certain features inherited with the lot, such as the existing curb cut and retaining walls at the south end of the property An existing and non conforming concrete masonry unit garage on the adjacent parcel is also tight up to the property line and needed to be considered with the proposed design

Nov , Terracing was the traditional solution, turning a continuous slope into a series of alternating level areas and steep drops supported by retaining walls Add handrails for safety on the steepest paths and construct storm gullies alongside paths or steps (heavy rain takes the easiest route downhill, which

Dec , The shoreline reinforcement system of claim wherein said concrete bodies are approximately square in shape and are interconnected on all four sides and illustrate the use of so called geotubes for retaining sand as a weight on the shore sides of L shaped units in constructing a retaining wall.

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Sep , The process of updating a Mid Century Modern home is a mindful one The details matter, everything from a careful survey of the existing house down to the deliberate selection of cabinet pulls MCM Remodel Strategies Most Mid Century Modern residences offer a number of items worth retaining as part of

Jun , A cedar slatted wall covers the existing redwood retaining wall and weedy hillside, adding strong modern horizontal lines around the edge of the yard Striped paving is alternately bluestone and precast white concrete Modern Landscape by Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture Shades Of Green

Cultured stone is an alternative to real stone with amazing realistic qualities Choose from many different styles of cultured stone to enhance your front stairs Cover your existing block with cultured stone or have them resurfaced with cement for a face lift COBBLE STONE RETAINING WALL STONE STAIRS Ipswich, Mass.

We had done a lot of work inside of the house, but the yard was overgrown and the retaining walls were giving way Plus, areas of We also removed the railings, concrete cap, and rebar from the raised s patio adjacent to the front porch We used The handrails and spindles were added according to code I primed

Sep , Major concrete foundations were limited by supporting half of the bridge on an existing concrete retaining wall Frames and handrails are constructed from antique white oak timbers, reclaimed from the site s previous warehouse (materials, reclaimed from the warehouse were also used to frame and clad

Stake pockets secured to the border frame at points distributed about the perimeter of the deck assembly seat bottom ends of stake elements forming part of upstanding railing sections which bound the deck assembly in the porch installation Legs support the deck paneling in an elevated position, which extend downwardly

Mar , A wood to pipe connection in which a single sheet metal connector and a single threaded straight bolt are used to connect a wood frame member to an elongated pipe member The elongated pipe member could be a metal conduit, standard pipe member or even a solid circular wood pole member.

May , A double wall structure, such as a fence wall or a parapet wall, has two back to back walls each constructed of successive courses of concrete wall blocks In the case of parapet walls, the conventional methods and structures have been unable to provide an adequate retaining function as a handrail or to

Improperly consolidated concrete Reinforcement not fully embedded in the concrete structure Patent Defects are those defects that are known or would be readily obvious upon reasonable inspection Examples of Patent Defects are · Weep holes not installed in brick veneer walls · Handrails omitted in stairways · Missing

Jun , With a nonexistent entryway and a backyard overrun with weeds and rotting retaining walls, they knew it would be a lot of work Martinez poured in a concrete stairway, and the couple added an ipe wood handrail and new plantings In the dining area, a wall of windows looks out to the new front yard.

Oct , There was no architecture , other than such small details as the exposed rafter tails and cruciform openings in the front porch s brick wall flagstone was laid on top in some areas, while in others the concrete was saw cut and removed, then repurposed in the building of retaining walls and garden steps.

Oct , The upper body is secured within a railing post while the mounting aim is inserted into a complimentary aperture or sleeve formed in a concrete substrate and secured therein This patent discloses a baluster retaining member for connecting the end of a baluster to an opening in a rail of a railing system.

Aug , We still need to design the bench and the handrails but you get the idea At the far end of There is a board formed concrete retaining wall that is currently shielding a set of stairs from your view In case you re wondering no the retaining wall will NOT look like how it is shown in this rendering This is an

Jul , When concrete walls gets placed (or poured, cast or set whatever) there is formwork that gets built on site that holds the wet concrete in place until it has hardened Typically, the formwork is built out of sheets of board formed concrete with metal handrail The horizontal pattern from the arrangement of

Nov , The thin black lines of the steel railing against the white wall make for a delicate, minimalist and sculptural stair here Battering the retaining walls this way makes for a stronger wall, as the overturning force is greatest at the base, and the wall is positioned in a way to restrain that force True in material and

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retaining structural supports in a fixed, spaced relationship with each other by coupling anchor block between the inner faces of supports so that first edge of anchor block and first legs of the supports collectively form a tread receiving portion and second edge of anchor block and second legs of