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Jul , For decades, modern office buildings have been pretty much covered in glass curtain walls In most cases, the architect is no longer really designing the exterior of a building, worrying about proportion and detailing and materiality, he or she is simply outsourcing the design to a curtainwall supplier.

Feb , Fortunately, a growth in native practices and a more sensible, sensitive approach from foreign organizations has led to the rise of architectural groups As Nigeria booms recently overtaking South Africa as Africa s largest economy Makoko has come under pressure from the government as a well known

Feb , There are so many other options out there to make your retaining wall a bit more personal Take a gander at these fantastic ideas, then think about your own retaining wall before running out to snatch those railroad timbers again Contemporary Landscape by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture.

Mar , The living area is designed to be flexible the bedroom is wrapped in a protective wall of st while a five floor tower of books rises through the roof Gap House is a narrow, awkward urban build, developed to determine the most cost effective methods of achieving an environmentally friendly home.

Not all roof and ceiling assemblies are created equal, especially when it comes to energy performance.

Colorful corrugated wall panels provide bright new look for community library The architectural design, created by Front Studio Architects in Pittsburgh, offers an exterior featuring bold geometric shapes and bright colors PAC CLAD corrugated metal would be the most economical, long lasting material we could use.

Jul , Fabulous and functional, these living room design ideas will greatly contribute to your idea of what this space could be Choosing to adorn your sofa with pillows, your walls with art and your living room with beautifully functional pieces shows your home is more than a social hub, it s also a captivating

Feb , But this bombastic character ultimately changed the field of architecture, and not just through his big, famous buildings Before designing many of his most well known works, Wright created a small and inexpensive yet beautiful house This modest home would go on to shape the way working and

Apr , This house In Portland, Oregon, makes the most out of its material palette And yet his greatest design challengeand opportunityarose when he decided to build a house for himself Architect Ben Waechter wrapped the upper floor of Nick Oakley s house in inexpensive black corrugated steel.

Sep , When a client commissioned Jackson Hole based architecture firm Carney Logan Burke for the design of a new home in east Jackson, he asked that the design not only be cost effective and modern, but have minimal impact on the landscape as well As a result, the firm designed the compact Cache Creek

Nov , And are these interventions even affordable Co Even the most stringent building code in the U.S the Miami Dade County code, assumes a design wind speed of only mph Any hole in that wall is going to cause negative pressure on both sides, which will make the home explode from within.

Aug , The near collapse of the economy has caused many potential homeowners to rethink what is important, weeding out the unnecessary and creating the I cringed at the words tract house but immediately saw his point the most cost efficient construction method is still by walls with roof and floor

Jan , Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world, making it a good starting material to get to know However it also has significant environmental impacts, including a carbon footprint of up to of worldwide emissions To get to know all about designing with concrete, the Concrete Center has

Aug , PAINT This is still the best way to get the most wow factor for your buck Take on your home exterior painting in phases to ease the amount of money out of your pocket Your front door and trim can be done first, followed by shutters, and accents around the exterior Wait to paint all vertical wall surfaces at

May , Echelon really helped by coming to the table with a selection of quality, yet economical block options, said Straughan With a grand opening in September , The Hall County Sheriff s Office now features a unique, curved wall design in the front along with accent walls on the corners highlighted by

Design assist (DA) is a procurement method by which one or more subcontractors are retained, prior to the completion of design, to assist the architect, engineer, construction methods, such as prefabrication, which may improve the quality of the completed project and result in more efficient and economical construction.

Jul , Students in a design build program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture have completed a sustainable house in an impoverished area of into rooms with a grid of removable partitions, and has large windows that can be transformed into walls with plywood panels if more privacy is required.

Jul , Scottish architecture studio Rural Design has completed a shed like holiday home on Scotland s Isle of Skye, featuring corrugated aluminium walls that Its design is intended to embody the studio s simple and economical approach to its projects, which also include a small wooden house with a fully

Apr , Units can simply be arranged next to one another in appropriate patterns or they can be joined and share walls for enhanced thermal performance, said for larger image Section of Hex House by Architects for Society refugee crisis housing architecture news Section click for larger image Read more.

Feb , Today is President s Day in the USA, so we re looking back at our most controversial stories about current POTUS Donald Trump, from a Nazi style logo to an IKEA version of his proposed Mexican border wall Ever since the real estate mogul and reality TV star announced his plans to run for the US

Feb , ) Design for Low Maintenance This one sounds like a paradox Spend more here to save more later Cheap siding, roofing, and windows will cost you way more in the long run than quality components will now There are entire industries built around the hope that you ll buy replacement windows and a

Jan , Since the s, street artists have been allowed to spray paint the walls of the warehouse in Long Island City, and the work that appears has long been curated by the graffiti artist Meres, whose goal was to turn the industrial space into a graffiti museum More recently, the building s owner, Jerry Wolkoff,

Nov , The lack of detailing tying the walls and ceiling together gives a space an unfinished cheapened look For very little money, crown Builders use these bulk items, as they are more cost effective to use, but not always the best for a homeowner desiring a more custom look Oddly enough, hardware is also

Jan , Daylight is a highly cost effective means of reducing the energy for electrical lighting and cooling But architectural education often reduces the aspect of daylight to eye catching effects on facades and scarcely discusses its potential effects not just on cost, but on health, well being and energy This Light