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Feb , A process for manufacturing a water resistant board from wood fibre involves the use of a liquid binder system using waste powder coating powder (either A method for the production of a composite material as claimed in claim , wherein the amount of plastics coating powder is from ~ by weight

May , A process for producing a composite product comprising fibres of a lignocellulosic material or natural fibres and a plastics material utilises a liquid or that the solid products may be useful as end products, such as panels or as composite replacements for medium density fibreboard mouldings for example.

Feb , Polymers or composite materials made from plastics, which change their volume (that is, contract or extend) when subjected to an electrical charge, are referred to as electroactive plastics Fiberglass mats are layered between thin wooden panels and bonded using cold PU glue The surface is completely

,, and ,,, have been utilized in the manufacturing of plastic coverings or envelopes on wooden or other structural members Generally, the A substantial and continuing need exists to provide a improved composite material that can be made of thermoplastic polymer and wood fiber The composite can be

Sep , A natural fiber based, melt processable composite material comprising a polymer matrix of a biodegradable polymer and dried peat as a reinforcing agent based composite materials is poor The adhesion can be enhanced by various coupling agents to improve the compatibility between plastic and fibre.

Aug , A composition for making a composite plastics material, comprising a polymer, wood fibre and microsilica The microsilica, i.e silica fume, is added for the purpose of reducing the water absorption while maintaining, or improving, the flame retardancy, mechanical performance and processibility of the

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