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Category Science Asked by drdestructo ga List Price Posted Aug PDT I am trying to figure how big of a beam will I need to support this size span I intend to weld up brackets, placed on wood or steel posts, for the corners to support the beam I could have a center post, but would really prefer not.

Apr , Fifteen storey Habitat for Humanity duplex units in Edson, Alberta See the ceremony where each family receives the keys to their new home via YouTube habitat keys This project was critical to the Edson community due to the escalated cost of homes and lack of rental accommodations for local families.

Oct , If you re fortunate to be connected with the building products industry and value the role wood plays in it, we welcome you to join us this week in saluting our forests From plywood to OSB to board to lumber, our forests bring forth valuable riches we use every day to support the growth of our nation.

Apr , After a five year hiatus, Weyerhaeuser s Evergreen mill which makes TJI Joists and Microllam laminated veneer lumber loaded its first truck in early April The operation expects to ship in earnest by early May There are lots of smiles around here, says Bob Doll, Evergreen s mill manager.

Aug , Hauling even a small amount of unused or excess wood back to the dealer yard or to a landfill or recycling center adds up in both direct product costs as the practice of advanced framing techniquesincluding × studs spaced inches on centerto cut back on the amount of framing lumber required

Oct , Other technologies like our Parallam PSL beams and columns are a natural fit as well given their availability in large sections and long lengths I believe that while CLT gets most of the current attention, the future lies in the innovative combinations of materials into efficient and cost effective systems and

Jun , To meet the needs of West Coast builders, Weyerhaeuser will showcase its new Trus Joist TimberStrand LSL with Flak Jacket FRT protection and Trus Joist Parallam PSL beams at the PCBC in San Francisco On June and , , building industry professionals can visit booth to

Oct , What it Means to be SFI Certified October National Forest Products Week Product Selection Crucial to Dealers Weyerhaeuser Distribution Adds ClipStone Mortarless Stone Veneer to Two More East Coast Markets Wood Beam Design and Installation Considerations September Edge Gold

Sep , Finally, the piles were connected to the house s existing wood frame with Weyerhaeuser Trus Joist Parallam PSL beams, which allowed for long lengths while still meeting Though the lengthy renovation brought significant burden, the Santos family believes the cost, time and effort were well worth it.

Apr , Here are some examples of non conventional connection options where builders have come to appreciate TimberStrand LSL roof joists and beams For more information about innovative and cost effective framing techniques for the new style of roof framing, contact your Trus Joist representative.

Jun , Solid section Parallam PSL and TimberStrand LSL columns are strong and consistent Combine these solid columns with the strength of Parallam PSL and TimberStrand LSL beams, longer spans and open floor plans are possible Solid section performance Consistent design properties Available