artificial culture for exterior and interior wall cladding

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Outside air would be supplied from the lower levels of the building at F rather than from the top where the temperature is below F Given the scale of the building, this optimization and calibration of internal HVAC equipment could significantly reduce energy use and carbon emissions Imagine the glass and steel fa?ade

Construction systems for erecting building structures comprise a plurality of prefabricated interconnectable modular building units, each unit comprising framing members and a plurality of nodes, each node situated for selective interconnection with other units, the nodes and the exterior dimensions of the frame conforming

Oct , The building is clad in reflective panels and the interior was created by Dutch designers Studio Makkink Bey Balancing Barn by MVRDV and Mole In the far, cantilevered end of the barn, there is a large living space with windows in three of its walls, floor and ceiling Balancing Barn by MVRDV and Mole

Jun , Glass buildings shimmer in the sunlight, and require no artificial light during the day They are Encased in a concrete wall cast with rough timber on the exterior and smooth wood on the interior, the home lies within an opaque square tube that boldly contradicts the revealing contemporary glass houses.

Jul , News the largest man made structure in the world has opened in China s Sichuan province, housing hotels, offices, a beach resort and an artificial sun New Century Global Center opens Capable of housing Sydney Opera Houses or three Pentagons in its staggering million square metre interior

Sep , Harbin Cultural Center by MAD The cladding of the building is custom made pure white aluminium White stone and concrete are also used as part of the wall, introducing a pure feeling as ice and snow The skylight above of the auditorium utilises natural daylight During the day, the need for interior

May , Apple has debuted a series of new interior features at its latest store on San Francisco s Union Square, designed with UK firm Foster Partners The plaza has public seating and Wi Fi, a foot ( metre) green wall, and will host regular acoustic performances The store design was a collaboration

Jul , Designed by Marco Piva, the plasterboard has been studied as opposed to the window, an artificial back lit in contrast with a natural light source The wall cladding plays on a type of tile that creates a play tone on tone glossy matte herringbone, with which the light creates a vibration with almost

Rejuvenation can take place indoors or outside, and rejuvenation spaces can be juxtaposed with spaces that support collaboration and or focus In addition to commercial interior design and writing, she is passionate about travel, solving puzzles, and making a difference in the lives of others Contact her at

May , Located in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, the centre houses the largest collection of British art outside of the United Kingdom, ranging from the th century to the The team added storage capacity, removed synthetic carpeting, replaced worn linen wall coverings and re finished white oak cabinetry.

Jan , Zaha Hadid s extension to a centre for studying Middle Eastern culture at the University of Oxford is set to begin construction later this month By lifting the connection between and Woodstock Road, it allows for a more diverse and complex articulation between the interior and exterior and well as

Having the opportunity to discover obstacles in the daily work of science, both in and outside of the lab, gives leadership the opportunity to set new procedures that will Change management becomes critical to helping research organizations realize the gains in operational efficiency and enhanced workplace culture that

Jul , For decades, modern office buildings have been pretty much covered in glass curtain walls Transparent corporate culture In most cases, the architect is no longer really designing the exterior of a building, worrying about proportion and detailing and materiality, he or she is simply outsourcing the

Jul , The interior is completely white, with a large entrance at one end and a small office in the rear corner Factory by Takeshi Hamada Strip windows run along the front and rear elevations to reduce the reliance on artificial light The design focuses on the lines formed by the wall panels and the position of

Oct , Livil Architects has added a monolithic stone clad canteen featuring an office building with depictions of children s faces built into its walls to a school The rough material and sturdy shape [come] from the local architectural tradition, which has considerable cultural significance of the Tibetan .

May , To unite the grown apart world of books, which represent many centuries of culture, and the assignment to create a library of experience This is one of the reasons why the architect preferred to design as well the interior as the exterior In this library exterior and interior are indissoluble unified.

Ideation space at the Garage On hand are writable surfaces and digital screens on which to present ideas and organize concepts elements like glazed walls and curtains provide connectivity across the entire space, Healthcare exemplifies how technology innovations like digital connectivity and artificial intelligence are.

Jan , The Shigeru Ban designed Aspen Art Museum and the General Motors Design Auditorium by SmithGroupJJR are among the architecture, interior With a goal of conveying the residents nested scales of community, afforded by varied interior and exterior shared spaces, the building s brick exterior

Jun , Wooden floors run through the interior, matching the surface of the terrace, and there are also some wooden panels cladding the walls The roof s trapezoidal sections were custom designed to fit the desired curvatures of the inner surface of the roof in order to avoid any fake stucco work, added the team

Oct , Each floor of the five storey building has a different function and layout, and the three types of interior space it contains a kitchen, bedrooms and living room are marked on the exterior by a subtle change in cladding Casa No Príncipe Real by Camarim Architect The tiles evolve along the height of the

Mar , By day or by night, the Weert Fire Station designed by BDG Architects displays a cool modernist vibe tempered by the use of cast steel earthtone panels on its exterior walls The stylized fire patterns embossed into the panels age naturally under the influence of the weather but their rusty hues manage to

Nov , Yotel New York by Softroom and Rockwell Group The Exterior YOTEL guests arrive at the main entrance on th Avenue The presence of the hotel is communicated at street level by two dramatic interventions into the envelope of the building Firstly, a dramatic custom designed white concrete cladding

Mar , Use of steel columns and slatted steel cladding imply geometric abstractions of trees, the arboreal becoming manmade D n to Catalonia s rural vernacular, RCR conceive of architecture in territorial terms but rather than regressing into picturesque nostalgia, the local forms the synthetic germ of

Mar , Aalto s Interior to the Stockman Bookstore Juhani Pallasmaa s Korundi House of Culture, an old post bus depot converted into a contemporary art museum Brick wall detail Evening light on building Horizontal standing seam wall cladding on Rovaniemi Airport by Heikkinen Komonen Windows at

Mar , Municipal Water Supply in Lamia, Greece by Vtria Archtiects The existence of a large number of entrances, staircases and ramps gives movement to the synthesis and allows the visitor to enjoy a vast choice of architectural promenades and alternating views of the exterior and the interior of the building