roof top deck surfaces

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May , The crew moved the first post into place and marked a line indicating the very top of the post which was even with the support beam The reference As you may remember, the crew planned the joist spacing at oc since they were installing a manufactured composite decking surface For traditional

A further object of the invention is to provide an acoustical roof deck in which assembly of the various parts or theroofdeck are conveniently made by means of elongated support board being covered with asphalt shingles I! or other suitable weather protective coating Supported between legs of the ribs II, are provided

May , In addition to introducing the ever popular restaurant Qsine, we are launching an entirely new culinary experience, Top Deck Burger Bar On top of that, we re also incredibly excited about the addition of our Rooftop Terrace and the iconic Taste of Film experience Additionally, we are unveiling some other

United States Patent [ Folley June , BUILDING STRUCTURE FORMED OF FLAT CORRUGATED STEEL DECKING [] Inventor Milo D Folley, Liverpool, NY [] Assignee Inco At intervals along the roof edge hangers are fastened by appropriate screws to the top surface of the roof panel Hangers

Discrete pieces of furniture rise up from the knotty cedar flooring, unfurling ribbons are scaled to human body proportions and shape lounge chairs The resulting surface is at once clearly man made yet soft and organic in the urban landscape At rooftop edges, the boards begin to warp sideways once more to create a

Jun , Artist Pokras Lampas Creates a Massive Rooftop Mural Atop Fendi Headquarters in Rome liters of yellow paint was used to create the intricate calligraffiti.

Apr , The roof deck of claim wherein said mechanical fasteners are positioned at spaced locations over the surface of the sheet of mineral board such that each ridge on However, the width of rib openings on the top surface of the sheet, for example of a Type B section is greater than that of a Type A section.

Then gypsum concrete is poured over the assembly, the top of the gypsum concrete is screeded to form a smooth surface, and the gypsum concrete is allowed to dry It is an object of this invention to provide an improved roof deck, and a method of constructing it It is another object to provide a roof deck that is stronger,

Apr , Photos What to keep in mind when looking for condos with rooftop decks Schedule a showing online! If you purchase a condo with a roof deck, keep in mind that the condo association may need to pull up boards in your deck, if access to the roof s surface is needed Review the association s rules and

Dec , More green rooftops will be sprouting in West Palm Beach, after the city s Downtown Action Committee has approved a proposal that would require future buildings with rooftop parking decks to devote at least percent of the decks surface to either landscaping or floor murals Some local developers and

Jul , The construction of claim wherein the skirt is generally frusto conical in shape, a lowermost perimeter edge of the skirt is spaced a distance above a top surface of the roof deck thereby exposing a portion of the sleeve between the edge of the skirt and the top surface of the roof deck A waterproofing

Jun , The entire top surface of the steel deck is covered with the same deadening felt prior to placing the insulation over the steel deck After completing the assembly, with all screws, etc installed, the roof deck was tested for sound and found it to be sound free The popping sound was eliminated by isolating the

Jun , Doved tailed flanges are provided on the top portions of the side walls to interlock with concrete poured above The inner surfaces of the dove tailed flanges serve as supports for accessories, such as insulation, lighting fixtures and the like The bottom portions of the side walls have outwardly extending

Jul , Rather than sacrifice the hangout space and entertaining possibilities of an outdoor area, they passed over plans for a more traditional basement rec room, opting for a sp ling rooftop deck instead Patio furniture from Crate Barrel and CB keep the outside area of this Arlington roof Patio furniture from