retaining composite construction grade wall

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Sep , A final layer of poured concrete is provided to form the finished, permanent retaining wall As shown in U.S Pat No ,,, vertically disposed sheet piles are driven into the ground mass to support the cut in a tied back wall system While this construction method may be effective in ground formations

Dec , Although their materials and construction techniques are similar, bulkheads usually act primarily as retaining walls for the soil formations behind them, while seawalls are primarily used to resist wave action When either type structure is used in locations where there is significant wave action, steps must be

Apr , In the best mode of the invention, the walls are of reinforced plastic, fiber reinforced plastic, or resin sandwich composite construction This application focuses flange abutting the walls (e) a retainer ring, also held in place by said anchoring means, forming an annular volume in relation to said floor ring .

Mar , For example, walls constructed of soilcrete columns have been found to be particularly useful in underground construction work when ground water levels interfere with construction Such structural boundary walls also find useful application as a retaining wall to provide lateral support for ground adjacent

Mar , In situations where the water is relatively shallow and the wall is very short, driving the bottom edge of the piling into the channel bottom sufficiently supports the bulkhead to retain or hold back the ground from the water However, if the water is deep and the bulkhead is high, additional support for the

Dec , A retaining wall or steeply faced slope is disclosed having a naturally green facade The wall or slope is made of blocks of compacted earth, each having a face reinforced with wire mesh and covered with vegetation such as native grasses Soil has been used for construction for many hundreds of years.

Panels, such as polystyrene boards, are received in channels in the H shaped and U shaped lengths to retain the wall panels in a spaced apart relationship The form system and apparatus is useful in construction and provides a form or mold for retaining concrete or other similar building materials until they harden to

More particularly it involves a method of construction which utilizes the compressive strength of grade and successive basement floors to absorb lateral forces incurred by FIG illustrates the construction of an earth retaining wall comprising interlocking vertical steel plates or piling, and the lateral bracing thereof against

May , The present invention relates to an improved wall system where a wall form mold has a structural insulated core assembled to form a structural insulated panel (SIP) to form a concrete beam A composite panel are panels not formed with neither light gauge framing or rigid foam block type construction.

May , A masonry block wall system is disclosed comprising a plurality of piers positioned at predetermined intervals with a pilaster mounted on each of the piers need for skilled labor in the construction of the block wall system a block wall system that may incorporate grade beams spanning pier footings along

Aug , A gravity retaining wall construction for an earthenwork bulk form comprising a plurality of precast concrete block facing elements stacked one on top of block wall which includes dry cast, unreinforced modular wall blocks with anchor type, frictional type or composite type soil stabilizing elements recessed

earth fill placed against said retaining wall above the existing earth grade at least to the level of the bottom of said exterior wall veneer, whereby the structure is given an exterior appearance The construction of structures wherein the load bearing members are poles is often referred to as pole construction While such a

May , One embodiment of the present disclosure relates to a cementitious composite material for in situ hydration having a mesh layer including a first side, pool construction, patio construction, roofs, insulation and weatherproofmg, as a replacement for stucco, for noise attenuation, and for retaining wall and

Jan , Therefore, when the excavation reaches the final bottom elevation, the earth retention system (final below grade wall) is complete With other shoring methods, the finished below grade wall would be constructed from the bottom up after the final elevation is reached, requiring a longer construction period.

A gravity type retaining wall is usually made of concrete, concrete block or other heavy construction material and is trapezoidal in shape, i.e very wide at the You can t economically replace the backfill or get to the base of wall drainage system, but you can re grade at the surface so water does not collect behind the wall.

Mar , a geotextile filter fabric which wraps around and surrounds said geocomposite core jacket, wherein said geotextile filter fabric is permeable to fluid and In routine retaining wall construction, where construction starts at the bottom, it is relatively easy to design and put into place a good drainage system.

Block is comprised of a lightweight plastic material, preferably of flameproof construction A typical material is E P S Modified Bead, F Grade, F produced by Huntsman Chemical, Rome, Ga Block has ends and end walls A sides and side walls A upper and lower interlocking surfaces and ,

The construction of a, usual reinforced concrete retaining wall is likewise relatively complicated and includes the parallel walls at intervals of to feet, thereby forming a series of rectangular boxes or cells which are filled with earth, and the composite structure thus made constitutes a confined earth gravity wall.

May , Columns with sufficient capacity must be pre founded in bored piles or barrettes to sustain the construction load and to utilize as part of bracing system ยท Excavation for basement must be carried out with the support of permanent retaining wall so that basement floor slabs can be utilized as lateral bracing.

Apr , A integrated scheduling method for installing modified precast building columns, first floor grade slab and supporting beams prior to site excavation, and to use these components, together with ,,, P D Egan, discloses A retaining wall, for marine use of corrugated panels anchored in earth .